Long May She Reign ~ REVIEW

This is a standalone fantasy, which I feel like is increasingly more rare these days. That was one of the reasons I was so drawn to this book. I wanted something that would be a fun, easy read that I didn’t have to devote too much time to. And that is exactly what I got with this!

This follows Freya, who at the beginning of the book is 23rd in line for the throne, or some other ridiculously high number. I could be wrong in remembering exactly what place she was in, but that doesn’t really matter. Basically, she is so far down the line of succession that there is no possible way that she will ever become queen. Unless something really bad happens. Which of course it does, which should be no surprise as it is mentioned in the synopsis. Now Freya, who had plans of leaving court to fulfill her dream of being a scientist, is suddenly thrust into the unwanted role as queen.

I have to say that my favorite part of this book was Freya. Not only do I think that she has a really great name for a character in a fantasy novel, but she was so quirky and loved science! She’s a very nervous person, and yes, it is a little cliche because she is so socially awkward, but combine that with her knowledge and passion for the sciences and it just makes for a really unique and lovable main character!

I do have to say that she is pretty much the entire reason for my love of this book, because without her, it really just feels like another YA fantasy. I personally am okay with that as I love the more generic fantasies like this. And let me just tell you that when we figure out who the poisoner was, it was so bittersweet because you kinda think it may be them, but at the same time you are REALLY hoping that it won’t be them.

I think if you are looking for something 100% unique and never seen before, this is probably not the book for you. BUT if you are looking for a fun, quick read with a relatable main character, then this may be the perfect book for you!

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