Books I Bought Recently

I haven’t done an actual book haul in well, months probably. I have quite a few books that I am really excited for and I wanted to share them all with you!



First up, I bought the large paperback editions of The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson! Yes, I technically already own these books, but I have them in mass market paperback which is not the best format for these books. While I don’t usually mind reading mass markets, the idea of reading these 1000+ page books in that format just makes me really not want to read them.

I also picked up Malice and Valor by John Gwynne, which are the first two book in The Faithful and the Fallen Series. I’ve heard fantastic things about this series and it’s something that is right up my alley. This series follows a young boy who grows up learning how to be a warrior, and in this world there is a prophecy that one day there will be two champions, one good and one evil. If I had to guess, I would say that this young boy either becomes one of the champions, or is closely tied to it.



Then I also found a copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch on Bookoutlet, so you better believe that I snatched it up! It looks like it’s in pretty good condition, just a little wear around the cover. Comparing mine to photos online, it looks like the towers may be a little faded, but not too badly. I haven’t read this series yet, but I own the first two books again in mass market editions. I figured that it’ll probably be a series I like, so why not pick this edition up?

I then got this beautiful edition of Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart in my last owlcrate box. This is probably my favorite edition of this book that I’ve seen so far, and it was a perfect way to end my subscription with owlcrate! Grace and Fury is a YA fantasy about two sisters who live in a world where women are treated horribly, and one sister wants to change the world while the other just wants to survive. But when one sister goes to prison, their worlds are turned upside down.

Then I just HAD to pick up a copy of These Revel Waves by Sara Raasch. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with pirates, and when I saw good reviews about this new release, I decided I wanted to pick it up! I also own Sara’s other series, Ice Like Fire, but I haven’t read it yet so I’m hoping I really like her writing style!

I also grabbed a copy of The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss, mainly because it was likened to an all female version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and that just sounds so freaking cool and interesting!



I feel like I missed out on reading Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey when I was younger and I know that is a much loved series, so I decided that I wanted to pick up a cheap copy to see what the fuss was all about!

I also grabbed the first two books in the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, Here There Be Dragons and The Search for the Red Dragon by James A Owen. I believe that these are on the younger end of YA, and I haven’t ever heard anyone talking about them. I’ve also seen that the characters are actually fantasy authors that travel to this other world. It just sounded so interesting and the books are fairly short, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish them!

Winter of Ice and Iron by Rachel Neumeier is a book that I just so happened to have seen on Book Outlet and decided that it sounded interesting so I bought it. Book Outlet has a way of doing that to you, then when you get the book you don’t quite remember what it was about! This appears to be a typical fantasy novel, a princess has to protect her country from a terrible evil and ends up having to team up with her enemy to protect them all.



I then picked up all three books in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han. I read the first book, fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter K, and then I immediately ordered the second two books so I could see what happens with them!

I also went outside my comfort zone and picked up a poetry book by booktuber Katie from KatesbookdateThe Sweetest Kind of Poison was such a powerful and impactful book, and it really resonated with me. If you’ve ever been a victim of relationship abuse, this is such an amazing book to read!



Continuing on with my theme of fantasy books, I finally got my hands on a copy of Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames! I absolutely adored Kings of the Wyld when I read it earlier this year, so I have been itching to see what Eames does with the second installment!

I also grabbed a copy of The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks, mainly because its about assassins, and we all know that I love a good story about assassins. I’ve heard that this series is pretty gook, and I also have another of his series to read as well.

Kushiel’s Dart by Jaqueline Carey is an older fantasy that I just recently heard of, and its more along the lines of fantasy with a lot of romance thrown in. That isn’t something I usually gravitate towards, but I was just so intrigued to see what would happen with it.

And then again because of assassins, I picked up City of Lies by Sam Hawke. This was something that I saw floating around on twitter, actually because Nicholas Eames recommended it. I loved Kings of the Wyld so much that I figured any of his recommendations must be good!



And finally, with a photo all its own because it is so gorgeous, I picked up the Canterbury Classics leatherbound edition of the Brother’s Grimm Complete Fairy Tales! Let me just say that this photo does not do this book justice. It is just so beautiful and I want to get a whole bunch of books that match this edition now!


So there we have it! Some of the books that I’ve bought recently! Hopefully from now on I can get into a habit of showing off my books regularly instead of waiting forever to do a haul.

Have you read any of these books? Want to buy them? Let me know in the comments!

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