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So this is actually a Top 10 Tuesday post from last week, but I’m a terrible blogger and didn’t get my post up in time. I couldn’t really think of anything that I wanted to talk about for this weeks prompt (authors I’d love to meet) mainly because it would be awesome to meet any authors, so instead I’ll be doing last weeks topic this week.

If you don’t know what Top 10 Tuesday is, it is a fantastic weekly blog meme where you are given a topic and then give your top 10 in that category! Top 10 Tuesday has a home over at That Artsy Reader Girl, so if you want to check out the other topics, go over and check them out!

The topic I am doing is books by my favorite authors that I still have to read, and let me tell you, there are a ton of books that I need to read still! So, in no particular order, here are the books by my favorite authors that I still have to read.


Brandon Sanderson

7235533 (1)So far, I’ve only read The Final Empire and Warbreaker, but those were enough convince me that Sanderson is one of my favorite authors ever! I still have yet to finish many of his books, but the ones I own are Elantris, The Stormlight Archives series, the rest of the Mistborn series, and Arcanum Unbounded. I eventually want to read all of his works because they are all page-turners and I love how much thought he puts into his worlds!

Victoria Schwab

40874032For the purposes of this post, I’m taking into account Victoria writing under her full name as well as V.E. Schwab. The difference being anything she writes under V.E. Schwab is adult and anything under Victoria Schwab is YA. As of right now, I’ve only read the Shades of Magic series, but I also own Vicious and her This Savage Song duology. I fell in love with her characters and her worlds, plus she is just such an amazing human being.

J.R.R. Tolkien

20256735Tolkien makes it onto this list because of the amount of love I have for the world and characters he has created. While I have only actually read The Hobbit, I have such a deep connection to all of his characters and I have been amassing a collection of many of his books. The current books I own but have not read yet include: the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Children of Hurin and The Silmarillion. Now that I’m looking at my shelves, I actually have two copies of Children of Hurin as well as a bind up of LOTR as well as the individual books!

Michael J. Sullivan

26863057Theft of Swords was so fantastic, I pretty much immediately added Michael to my favorite authors list. So far, I’ve only actually read Theft of Swords, but I also own the rest of the Riyria Revelations, and I also own Age of Myth which takes place in the same world. I love how unique the Riyria Revelations are because they are written so that they are more episodic, meaning that each book has a contained story line, but the series as a whole has an overarching story line as well.

Nicholas Eames

35052265Kings of the Wyld was one of my favorite debuts that I’ve read this year, and definitely put Eames onto my favorites list. Bloody Rose is the only other book that he has written so far, and I may be cheating just a little bit by saying I haven’t read it yet because I have actually started it this week. I love how funny his characters are, and the way he integrates music and the atmosphere of rock shows into his world and characters is so well done!

Cinda Williams Chima

23253083I think that after reading The Demon King and the first half of The Exiled Queen, I can safely say that I just adore her writing style and how she portrays her characters! I still have to finish the rest of the Seven Realms series, but then I also own Flamecaster and Shadowcaster, so I really need to get reading!

Kendare Blake

9378297I just received Two Dark Reigns in the mail, and I’m thinking about putting down my current read because I have not stopped thinking about these characters and world that Blake has created! I’ve only read her the current books released in Three Dark Crowns, but I do really want to pick up and read her other series that starts with Anna Dressed in Blood.

Kerri Maniscalco

33784284I immediately fell in love with Stalking Jack the Ripper, especially with Audrey Rose and Thomas! I still have to get my hands on a copy of Escaping From Houdini, but I’m hoping to get it soon! As of right now, this series is the only one that Kerri has, but I’m really looking forward to anything else she writes!



And of course, there are those authors that I haven’t read any of their works yet, but I just know that they will become favorites! Those authors include Maggie Stiefvater, Samantha Shannon, Mark Lawrence, John Gwynne, Joe Abercrombie, and Marissa Meyer, just to name a few!

Who are some of your favorite authors? Have you read all of their books yet? I’d love to know!

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  1. Great post! I’ve red 5 Schwab books in the last month and she’s very quickly become one of my favourite authors as well. Her writing is brilliant! I can’t wait to read the rest of her books!! 🙂

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