T5W – Favorite Monsters

Today is my first EVER Top 5 Wednesday post! If you are unfamiliar with T5W, it’s a Goodreads group that gives you a prompt every Wednesday! If you are interested in joining and participating, you can check out the group here. This weeks topic is favorite monsters! This can be scary monsters or just magical creatures.



DragonPasswordFINALHow can I not mention dragons? They show up in almost every single one of my favorite books, video games, movies and TV shows! Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Skyrim…they are everywhere! And can you imagine what it would be like to have a dragon? You would be unstoppable! Unless the Night King takes one and turns it against you…




giphy (1)Along the same lines as dragons, elves are also pretty prominent in the books that I like, my favorite elf probably being Legolas from Lord of the Rings. I love their lifestyle and “being one with nature” and all that, and their skills and long lifespans mean that if it were ever possible to be anything in the world, I would 100% want to be an elf.



tenor (1)There is just something about things that go bump in the night that actually appeals to me, even though I’m a complete wuss and get freaked out when I hear unexplained noises. I want to believe that ghosts exist and so it’s fun to think that the noise you hear in the next room when you’re home alone is just the friendly ghost and not a murderer.



2e3d7a9e-3328-4f35-8b39-a833a9f84582-81afd236-760b-4f78-acd0-e06330f29d7f-hocus-pocusThere is just something about witches that intrigues me! Especially since there is a history of “witches” in real life which makes it even more fascinating. Anything from historical “facts” to fantastical settings, witches are another type of monster/magical creature that I love in books! The most prominent witches I can think of right now are the Sanderson sisters, mainly because I’ve seen the movie this year at least 7 times so far!



Love and blood - vampire woman biting her loverWhile there are some interpretations of vampires that I’m not really into (looking at you, Twilight), I do really enjoy a good vampire movie or book! There are so many different styles and interpretations of the vampire and I want to experience them all! Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Underworld…there are so many different takes on this classic monster!



I hope you enjoyed my first ever Top 5 Wednesday post! Let me know what your favorite monsters or magical creatures are, I’d love to chat in the comments!

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