Best & Worst: Fall Edition

Hey everyone! Today is going to be a pretty short post because this week I’m working 50-60 hours, so I am DEAD right now. With fall here for real (finally!) I wanted to talk about one thing I love the most about fall and one thing I hate the most about fall!


It gets cooler out. I absolutely hate being hot and sweaty, so once it cools down and I can comfortably wear sweaters and boots and curl up with a cup of hot tea and a book I am all set! That is part of the reason fall is my favorite season, just being able to not feel like a greasy mess is the best thing ever. Plus a great side effect to it getting cooler is the colors of the leaves change and it’s just so pretty! In my opinion it’s prettier than any other season, but that’s just me.




It’s kind of funny that my worst part of fall is also kind of my favorite part of fall, but I don’t like that as it gets colder it gets harder and less comfortable to sit outside and read! I love sitting out on my lounge chair with a good book, but when it gets colder out it’s harder to do, plus where I live it tends to rain a lot in the fall so that stops me from enjoying the last little bit I have to enjoy sitting outside, especially because I don’t have a porch or anything like that so once winter hits my door stays firmly shut and I go a little stir crazy!



What is your favorite and least favorite part of fall? What is your favorite season? Where do you love to read at? I’d love to chat in the comments!

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