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Today is going to be a shorter post for a few reasons. Reason one is I’m running out of topics for #blogtober. The second reason is because I’m actually on a mini vacation this weekend! I just really needed a break from work and blog related stress, so I’ll just be talking today about my current reading plans.

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I am 142 pages into The Ninth Rain, but I’m not taking it with me this weekend because I’ll be camping and paperbacks don’t deal well with camping and outdoor weather.

So far this is a really interesting fantasy with some sci-fi elements thrown in that I wasn’t really expecting, but there are witches who ride on giant bats, worm people, and this really amazing and interesting character named Vintage. There hasn’t been a ton of explanation as to what is going on or who everyone is, but its not bad so far!


As for what I will be reading next and taking with me on this little camping trip, I will be bringing along The Lost Queen by Signe Pike and This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. I’ve had my eye on The Lost Queen since it released and I also really want to start reading more of Schwabs works, so they are both coming with me!

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