October Wrap Up

I didn’t read nearly as many books this month as I usually do, but that may be due to the fact that we are getting closer to the end of the year which means I’m getting closer to my Goodreads goal! I definitely think that I’ll pass that goal, but I just feel like maybe I should slow down and enjoy the books a bit more than just trying to crank them out.

I only finished four books this month as opposed to my usual 6-8 books, so it’s definitely a slower reading month for me. But I enjoyed all four books, with the first book I read this month being the lowest rated one of the four. And that book is…


Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer

37570585I do have a full review on this, but to sum it up, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favorite. I was expecting more gore and murder and things like that based on the comparisons to Dexter and This Savage Song, but it was definitely more on the tame side of things. The characters were interesting and the setting was as well, but I felt like there wasn’t enough description of the different types of monsters. However, this is only the first book in a series and it’s a debut as well, so with that in mind it was pretty good.




Two Dark Reigns

37486213 (1)I don’t think I did a review of this one (unless you check out my Goodreads review) but I loved this book so much! These characters have been through a lot and I love how the world has this dark history with the Oracle Queens, and the idea of three queens being born every generation that then have to fight to the death for the crown is so intriguing and it’s done really well in this series. From the very beginning my favorite queen has been Arsinoe! Who is your favorite queen?




Bloody Rose

35052265 (2)This is another book I have a full review on in which I go into a lot of detail about the things I loved about this book so you can check that out if you want. I don’t think I can express how badly I think you need to read this series starting with Kings of the Wyld (which I also have a review for!) If you like fantasy and you like rock and roll (classic or current!) this is the series for you!




Kingdom of Ash

33590260 (1)The last book I finished this month was my most anticipated release pretty much of all time (minus anything Game of Thrones related). I finished this book a few days ago and I’m still not over everything that happened. I have a post where I talk about everything that happens and how it made me feel up if you are interested in taking a look at that, but this was the perfect ending to one of my favorite series. I just wish that we had gotten the Nox/Celaena reunion that I was hoping for! There were also some super convenient plot devices (I am nameless anyone?) but overall, I loved it!



What books did you read this month? Did we have any books in common, or have you read any of these books in the past? What were your thoughts? Lets chat!

2 Comments on “October Wrap Up

  1. Glad you loved Bloody Rose! The Band books are so fantastic and I can’t wait to see where Eames takes the story in Book 3. 😀 My reading pace has slowed down in the past month as well, and this month I’m trying to take a break from ARCs and read some books that I actually WANT to read. 🙂

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    • I’m really excited for book 3 as well! I wonder who it will follow! I’ve also been trying to read more of books I really want to read that I’ve been putting off for a while, mainly The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson!


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