Behind Her Eyes REVIEW

I struggled with most of this book, but I kept pushing through it because everyone was always talking about how crazy and unexpected the ending is. Let me just say that everyone is correct when they say that you will NEVER guess this ending!

In this book we follow Adele and David, who are a married couple that have a lot of issues with their marriage and aren’t really happy, but don’t have a way out. We also follow Louise, who is a single mother who one day meets David in a bar but soon realizes that not only is he married, but he’s also her new boss!

As the book progresses, Louise starts to have an affair with David and becomes friends with Adele and gets sucked into their lives and their secrets. The relationships between the characters are so screwed up and toxic even though the characters aren’t quite aware of how toxic they really are.

The supernatural elements to this book were pretty unexpected, but they worked well with what was going on with the characters and the plot. It didn’t feel too outlandish, but maybe that’s because I’m used to reading more fantasy books than anything else so magical/supernatural elements don’t really throw me out of a book.

I’m normally pretty good at guessing the endings and plot twists of books, and I thought I had this one figured out, because there was a twist at the end that I saw coming, but then there was a SECOND twist after that that I NEVER saw coming! I will say that I wasn’t really into the entire book, and there were points where I just wanted to put it down, but I knew that I had to see what the twist was at the end and I was not disappointed!

If you’ve been thinking about reading this book, I recommend it! Especially if you like shocking twists at the very end of a book, but keep in mind that it might seem a little slow in the beginning!

Have you read Behind Her Eyes? What were your thoughts? I would love to know!


6 Comments on “Behind Her Eyes REVIEW

  1. I loved this book and the ending especially! I also told a friend about it who felt the same 🙂 It’s a shame you wanted to put it down at points, but I hope the twist helped make up for it a bit at least

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