12 Days of Blogmas!

I had a lot of fun doing Blogtober back in October, but it really wore me out and put me into a blogging slump of sorts. But because I enjoyed it so much, I knew that I wanted to participate in Blogmas but I wasn’t really keen on doing the entire month of December. Then I decided to do 12 days of Blogmas, sort of like the 12 Days of Christmas! That means that starting today, I will have one blog post a day until Christmas day! There are so many festive tags and blog ideas, so it’s the perfect mix of participating but not to the point where I get burnt out on blogging again.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and I’ll see you all tomorrow with my Blogmas Day 2!

2 Comments on “12 Days of Blogmas!

  1. What a great idea! I was considering doing Blogmas this year, but felt the same – like it would be too much and wear me out. 12 days sounds perfect though! I’ll look forward to your posts☺️

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