The Lies We Told REVIEW

Holy crap. This book had me hooked and wanting more from start to finish! This has two separate POVs in different times: Beth in the 1980s and Clara in 2017. The book opens with Beth’s perspective, and she is the mother of a young, very dangerous and disturbed girl. Her POV was so incredibly disturbing and gave me the chills! Then in Clara’s perspective, her boyfriend Luke has gone missing and she is trying to figure out what happened to him and if he is okay.

There were some connections that I made throughout this story that were correct, and some you can guess right off the bat. That doesn’t mean that the entire book is predictable, because that is entirely not true. There were so many surprises and twists throughout this book that I LITERALLY couldn’t stop reading it. It’s been a while since a book held my attention long enough for me to finish it in two sittings, and it was such an amazing reading experience.

Since this is a thriller, I don’t want to give away too much of the plot because the twists throughout are the BEST part of this book! You will spend the entire time trying to figure out what has happened to Luke, what is wrong with the little girl, and how exactly the two seemingly unrelated timelines are related. It’s clear from the beginning that they are related, but the why and how are a mystery.

Once I thought I had all the twists figured out, I realized that there was still far too much of the book left for that to be it. And let me tell you, it was NOT the end. Even the way the book ended was suspenseful and left me wanting to know what is going to happen to these characters next!

If you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing and has an extremely creepy vibe to it, look no further than The Lies We Told. You won’t be disappointed.

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