February 2019 TBR

I don’t normally do TBR’s, but I want to start setting aside a few books every month that I definitely want to get to! I’m really big on mood reading so even if I set aside 5 books there is a chance I won’t get to any of them. With this, I want to look back at the end of each month and see how many of the books I’ve set aside I’ve actually read!

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

I’m a little more than halfway through this and my goal is definitely to finish it this month! I’ve been talking a lot about this book recently and it’s pretty hyped at the moment so I’m 99.9% sure that if you are reading this blog, you already know what it is about. I’m loving it so far but I wanted to take my time and really savor the characters and the plot.


Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

I mentioned this one recently in my book haul, and I’m so excited to read it and I will definitely be picking it up after I finish The Gilded Wolves. I’m really curious how the magic system will work with the technology in the book, so that is one aspect I’m super excited for.


Saga Volumes 4 and 5 by Brian K Vaughan

I just recently hauled volume 4, and volume 5 just arrived yesterday so I can finally get a little father in this amazing graphic novel series! I know for sure I will get to these this month because graphic novels are so easy to read that I know I won’t have any issue finishing these.


In An Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire

This is the fourth book in the Wayward Children series of novellas, and I’m already a few chapters in with the audiobook. Since this is a novella the audiobook is only 4 hours long, so I’m pretty confident I can get this one finished this month as well.


Winter Loon by Susan Bernhard

This is one that I want to get to this winter since it seems to have a winter setting, but I also have a few preorders coming in this month so I may or may not get to this one. I’ve also mentioned this one in my recent book haul as well.


Those are all the books that I for sure want to get to this month! Do you think I can do it? Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts?



8 Comments on “February 2019 TBR

  1. I hope you love all of these books! This seems pretty doable, especially considering that some are novellas and graphic novels 🙂 And I’ve 100% been hit by the hype for The Gilded Wolves as well – I can’t wait to read it!

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    • I’m hoping its doable, but I tend to pick up other books in the middle of reading one so who knows? And the hype for The Gilded Wolves is well deserved!


  2. gilded wolves is MOST DEFINITELY high on everyone’s tbr this year lol im so glad you hear youre enjoying it!! in an absent dream was probably my FAVOURITE from the series so far, i just love the wayward children series so much i never want it to end fflkdajfd
    good luck on getting through all these books!

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    • Thank you! So far I’m really liking In An Absent Dream but for some reason I’m struggling with concentrating on the audiobook, which is strange because I listened to the other 3 on audio as well.

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