Worst Character Names

Don’t you hate it when you’re reading a book and suddenly, the characters name takes you right out of the story? Or the name is far too hard to pronounce so every time you see it, you just skip over it like it isn’t even there? Well, recently I went to my twitter and asked people what their least favorite character names were, and I got some really great responses!



The worst name I’ve ever read in a book was Henrietta…in a fantasy book with other characters with names like Rook and Blackthorn. It just didn’t fit!


Laurie from @lauriesbooks_  doesn’t like any of Sandhya Menon’s character names! I totally understand why, because a girl named Twinkle is a little unbelievable!



I agree with Jordan from @HeidrichJordy that Kvothe is definitely not the easiest name to pronounce! Just glossing over those names is a pain! And then when you try to describe the book to someone the thought of trying to pronounce the name can give you such bad anxiety!



Kait from @sixcrowsbooks has had names ruined forever because of terrible experiences! There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly good name ruined for you.



Autumn from @autumnbookreads doesn’t like America Singer from The Selection! Honestly, a better name could’ve been chosen for a dystopian novel.20190201_160350.jpg


@AOMbookreviews came up with a character name that to be honest, would probably make everyone’s least character name list!



Ashley from @bubblybooknerd had two really great responses! Not only does reading a book with your own name feel very strange, but Chaol is another hard to pronounce name. I’m sensing a trend with authors on difficult names here!








A huge thank you to everyone who gave me names they don’t like! Look below for their blog links or twitter accounts!

Do you have any you want to add to the list?



@lauriesbooks_ : Laurie’s Bookshelf

@HeidrichJordy : The Wheel Comes Full Circle

@sixcrowsbooks : Kaitlyn’s Cozy Reading Corner

@autumnbookreads : Autumnbookreads

@AOMbookreviews : Angry Old Man Book Reviews

@bubblybooknerd : Bubbly Booknerd

17 Comments on “Worst Character Names

  1. Skippy McWiggles IS a truly awful name. And I agree that it’s really weird when I read books with characters that have the same name as me! Though that’s not really something the author can control….

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not but it’s still weird and kind of awkward lol. Luckily I’ve never come across any characters in fantasy with my name, so I’m lucky there!


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