Bookshelf Tour – Feb. 2019 Pt I

I did a bookshelf tour a few months ago, but I’ve rearranged since then and got some new additions, so I thought that it’s time to do another tour! This one I’ll be splitting up into two parts: my two main shelves an then my two extra shelves. Today will be my main shelves!


These sit right in front of my couch next to my TV, so I’m constantly looking at these shelves. That means that most of my favorite books go on these two shelves, and as you can see, they are packed full! Both of these are shelves from Walmart, so they aren’t nearly as tall or as wide as the Ikea Billy shelves that are popular, but they are DEFINITELY cheaper!



On top of my shelves, I have a bunch of books that don’t fit on my other shelves. I have a few completed series on the top, including the Ice like Fire series, Falling Kingdoms, the Study series, the Abhorsen series, and Harry Potter! And yes, those are my original HP books from when I was a child.

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best-15-page-divider-imageThen starting at the top left and working our way over, the first shelf contains some of my favorite books of all time! I’m total SJM trash, so I of course have both her series here. ACOTAR is missing because it was on the top as it is a paperback and doesn’t match. Other books of note are Foundryside, which is a must read, as well as The Gilded Wolves and the Queens of Renthia series which is a totally underrated fantasy series!

Then to the right, we have some more taller hardbacks. Notable books on this shelf are Into the Drowning Deep which is an amazing dark mermaid/siren story, and most of the rest I haven’t read yet but I’m really excited for all of them! Especially Fire & Blood, since I just need to know what caused the Doom of Valyria.


Then heading down to the second shelves from the top, this first shelf is what I like to call my shrine to Orbit and Tor shelf. Every single book on this shelf is one of those two publishers, and if I had to pick my two favorites, it would be them. Hands down my favorite books on this shelf are Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose (which you should all know by now!) and I of course love the Shades of Magic series as well.

Next to that is a lot of my YA fantasy hardbacks. This is probably my shelf with the most read books, and so far I’ve loved Three Dark Crowns, Long May She Reign, Beyond a Darkened Shore, and Isle of Blood and Stone, so if you are looking for some good YA fantasies, check those ones out!


Then going down another shelf, we have some hardbacks and taller paperbacks! again, this shelf has a lot of Orbit and Tor books. Right now this is my least read shelf, and I’m definitely hoping to change that this year! I’m most excited to read the Stormlight Archives, Malice, The City of Brass, Spellslinger, and Nevernight!

Moving to the right, we have a lot of YA and adult smaller paperbacks. There aren’t a ton of books that I’ve read on this shelf, but Kill the Queen was one of my favorite books of last year, and I cannot wait to start pretty much every other book on this shelf!


Moving down yet again, I have my one and only shelf that is fully dedicated to a genre: Science Fiction! I just recently started to really expand my collection of these after reading Skyward earlier this year, so I did some rearranging to put everything together. Right now, I’m reading Leviathan Wakes and it is so exciting that I’m having a tough time putting it down! I also have my graphic novels/comic books on this shelf, my favorite of which is the Saga series!

Then we have yet another shelf of smaller sized paperbacks. Most of these are YA, and my favorite books so far on this shelf are the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and The Female of the Species!



Finally, we have the bottom two shelves. These don’t have any rhyme or reason, they are mainly books that I couldn’t get to fit on the other shelves. Notable books that I’ve read are Roomies, My Lady Jane, the first two books of Truthwitch, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and The Girl in 6E! I cannot WAIT to read On the Come Up, Vicious and finish off The Raven Cycle.

And the final shelf for part 1 of this tour has all of my classics. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I do plan on getting to them all….eventually! I love to collect pretty editions of classics and hopefully one day I can enjoy the writing and not just the covers! I have some room on this shelf for the expansion of my other shelves as well.


So those are my two main bookshelves! I honestly love bookshelf tours, and it’s a lot easier to see the books in photos than in a video. Do you have a bookshelf tour? I would love to see it! Not that I need any more books or anything, but you know….bookworm problems. Next tour will be for my other two shelves, so keep an eye out for that!


Until Next Time…


12 Comments on “Bookshelf Tour – Feb. 2019 Pt I

  1. I love looking at other peoples bookshelves. You have so many beautiful hardbacks. and those classics are stunning.
    I don’t read many classics, but I have been known to collect them purely because the covers are so amazing.

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