February Wrap Up

Not only was February the shortest month of the year, it’s also the month that I read the fewest books! That being said, I did still enjoy all the books I read so overall it was a good reading month.

In February, I read 3 books: 1 adult fantasy and 2 YA fantasies, for a total of 1,268 pages read. I am also almost done with Leviathan Wakes, and at the time of writing this I have about 200 pages left, plus I recently got my hands on The Priory of the Orange Tree and I’m about 300 pages into that one, so I’ve read a lot more than I’ve finished, if that makes sense.

So what books did I finish, you ask?


First I finished The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi, and it was everything that I wanted Six of Crows to be. For some reason I didn’t connect with any of the SoC characters, but boy oh boy did I love the characters in TGW! I have a full review of this book up on my blog that you can check out if you are interested, but if you haven’t read this book yet you should! It’s like Six of Crows meets Disney’s Atlantis meets Indiana Jones, and if that doesn’t interest you then I don’t know what will. Plus it’s full of diverse characters and lots of interesting magic.


Then I also finished The Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst, which is the second book in her Queens of Renthia series. This continues to follow Daleina but adds in a new perspective of Naelin. This series continues to surprise me with the twists and turns, and the themes of sisterhood and family are so powerful in book one, but increase even more in book two. You get to see how Daleina evolves after the (crazy) events of the first book, and I loved seeing her step up. Naelin was also such an interesting character to learn about! She is so invested in her children and it was refreshing to see a mother as a main character in a YA novel. In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated fantasies out there!


Then my favorite read of the month was Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett! This book was so interesting and unique, which nowadays is getting harder to come across. I’m apparently in love lately with books that features touching objects to hear their thoughts/talking objects in general, because this book has those elements and then some! I wasn’t sure before I started this book how I would feel about the magic system since it’s more science based than most magic systems, but wow, it was so amazing! This is another book I have a review of, and if you haven’t read it yet or you weren’t sure about picking it up, I urge you to give it a shot!

What books did you read in February, and have you read any of these?



11 Comments on “February Wrap Up

    • I’m glad you loved The Gilded Wolves!! And honestly Foundryside is probably in my top 10 of the year, unless I read a bunch of jaw dropping books this year lol


    • I’m now over 300 pages in and I’m loving finding out about this world. It doesnt give you a lot of explanation but the way it’s written you can tell things will be revealed in bomshells.

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  1. The Gilded Wolves wasn’t on my radar but I think I need to change that. I mean just the cover alone is a reason to pick it up. I haven’t read Six of Crows even though I’ve been saying I would for ages. I might just pick this one up first still.

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