In An Absent Dream | REVIEW

I’ve been trying to catch up with all of the reviews I need to write, so I actually finished this book back in April and haven’t gotten around to finishing my review! I liked this installment in the Wayward Children series, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other books in the series.

*Just a heads up that the end of my review contains minor spoilers for things mentioned in the book!*

I really loved the logical world of the Goblin market, but the idea of fair value was a little hard to grasp, because I found myself confused as to what counts and what doesn’t count as fair value. That aside, the idea that you shouldn’t ask for anything and instead find a way around asking questions was so interesting and fun to think about how you would go about your day without asking questions. I think that for me I enjoy the more fantastical worlds like the one from Beneath the Sugar Sky more than worlds of logic and reason, but that’s just a personal preference.

I also absolutely adored the writing and narration (I’ve listened to this entire series on audio) and it will never cease to amaze me how well McGuire can make this world feel so real in such a short book.

If you are unaware, this book follows Lundy who was introduced in the first book as a teacher/mentor to students at the school for wayward children. I liked her character, but I found that while the other installments focus both on the character and the plot, this one was more focused on the character of Lundy than what happened to her while she was in her portal world. I also felt like Lundy didn’t really have a personality, unless you consider bland and boring to be a personality. I guess that would be the reason her portal world was one of logic and reason though.

We were teased with so much of this world that we didn’t get to see. For example, there were characters that were mentioned as being very close to her that died, but we never got to see their friendship or what had happened. We also hear that there was a major battle that Lundy was in, but other than a few brief mentions, we don’t get any more information.

All in all, it was a nice addition to the series and I do plan on continuing with the series. I personally didn’t enjoy this one as much as the other books, but I’m sure that a lot of people will love this one!


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  1. Ugh, sometimes reviewing books is just so hard! At one point, we had a review that was from a year ago and then had to mark it as will not read because it wasn’t a very high priority. It was a shame because it sounded so good! This sounds really interesting though, thank you for the review!
    -Emma 🙂

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