Favorite Booktubers Part II

I wrote a blog post forever ago about my favorite booktubers. It’s been such a long time that I of course have new booktubers to recommend! All of the booktubers that I mentioned in the last blog post are still ones that I watch and love, so I highly recommend that you check out that post to see some more recommendations! Like last time, all of these will have links to their YouTube channels. Also, the last time I did this I tried to stick to smaller booktubers, so this list will be much longer.

I love watching booktube videos. Like, I constantly have videos playing, whether I’m reading, cleaning, or actually watching them, I just LOVE listening to them! I’ve gotten so many good book recommendations from them and I learn so much about them that I feel like I really know them.


My first booktuber for this post is none other than Holly from Holly Hearts Books. I actually feel horrible that I didn’t include her in my first post because I’ve been watching her videos for FOREVER. If you like when I talk about adult fantasy of any kind, you would LOVE Holly’s channel! She’s fantastic and is currently running Medieval-a-thon which is running for all of July. She’s also much more creative and is funnier than I am. Holly is from the good ol’ US of A.

Main genres: Adult and YA Fantasy, some Science Fiction
Types of videos: Hauls, Wrap Ups, Unboxings, Reviews, Tags/Challenges, New Releases


Next up we have Daniel from Daniel Greene. Daniel doesn’t do the usual booktube videos (ie. no hauls, wrap ups, etc). He mainly sticks to reviews and discussions on both fantasy and sci-fi. He is also a MASSIVE Wheel Of Time fan (and is the reason I’ve finally started the series). His WOTtalk videos are great and go really in depth into the world of Wheel Of Time. He also does fantasy news videos where he talks about anything new when it comes to fantasy. Daniel also a part of the Worldhoppers channel with a few of the booktubers I’ll mention later on.

Main genres: Adult and Classic Fantasy, Science Fiction
Types of videos: Discussions, Fantasy News, Reviews, Best of Lists


G from Book Roast is another booktuber I’ve been watching for a very long time. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and runs the Magical Readathon (the OWLS and NEWTS readathons) that you’ve probably seen in TBRs and tweets before. She’s so fun to watch (and I love her accent!) and she has such a gorgeous aesthetic. She does a lot of unboxings for Harry Potter themed boxes so if you are also a Potterhead and you aren’t subscribed to her, you need to change that ASAP. G is from Scotland!

Main Genres: Mainly YA Fantasy, some Adult Fantasy, some Science Fiction
Types of videos: Harry Potter anything, unboxings, vlogs, Magical Readathon videos, Bullet Journaling


G is actually the reason I subscribed to the next booktuber on my list because they are good friends, and that would be Jade from Jadeyraereads! She’s someone that is newer on my list of booktubers, but I love her vlogs and how relaxed her channel is! Again, she reads books that are similar to the books that I read, so if you enjoy that part of my blog, you would like her channel. She also participates in a lot of readathons, so if you are looking for some new ones to check out go the her channel! Jade is also from Scotland!

Main genres: YA and Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels
Types of videos: Hauls, unboxings, vlogs, wrap ups, tags


Next on my list is Becca from Becca and the Books. Right now she is cohosting The Book Junkie Trials for July, and reads a lot of the same things as me as well, probably split 50/50 with adult and YA fantasy. She also has a bookish candle company called Grace & Honey (which I’ve never tried, but they look so beautiful!) She also has a super fun TBR game called Bookopoly where she made her own Monopoly board and uses it to pick her TBR books. Becca is from England!

Main genres: YA and Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, occasionally other genres
Types of videos: Bookopoly TBR, vlogs, unhauls/hauls, wrap ups, tags, recommendations


Majelle is someone that I literally just found the other day, and I’ve already binge watched a few of her older videos. I don’t know her very well yet, but I love her personality and she’s so fun to watch! She seems to read a lot of YA, both fantasy and contemporary, but again, I’m still getting used to her channel. She loves books like Throne of Glass, Shadowhunters, anything by Leigh Bardugo, and so on. If you also like those types of books she would be a good channel to watch! She also does quite a few fashion/style videos as well. I believe Majelle is from Canada, but I could be wrong.

Main genres: YA Fantasy, possibly contemporary
Types of videos: discussions, style videos, tags, TBRs, GRWM


Booksandlala is someone that I’m sure you are all familiar with because she is one of the more popular booktubers sitting at almost 70,000 subscribers. Lala is one of the few booktubers that I watch that doesn’t necessarily read the same genres as me, but she is so original and entertaining that it doesn’t even matter that I hardly pick up any of the books she reads! Check out Lala’s channel for fun and original videos and great vlogs. Lala lives in beautiful Canada!

Main genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, hard hitting contemporary, Magical Realism
Types of videos: original videos, hauls, recommendations, vlogs, tags, reviews, overly specific recommendations


Madison Mary from Princess of Paperback is one of the smaller booktubers on my list, but I just love listening to her Aussie accent! She reads a lot of YA fantasy as well as some romance and contemporary, so her reading is a little more diverse. She does a lot of the standard booktube videos: hauls, TBRs, vlogs, etc. I love her personality and how outgoing she seems. I love seeing her gush about some of the YA fantasy books that I also love, plus I get some recs for other genres from her. She is also one of the few booktubers on my list who has videos dedicated to Manga!

Main genres: YA Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Manga
Types of videos: vlogs, book hauls and TBRs, manga recommendations, wrap ups


Chelsea from Chelseadollingreads is actually one of the booktubers that I watch that has a completely different preference in books, but I still love watching her anyway because of her personality! You can really tell that she loves the books that she’s reading and whenever I want to go out of my comfort zone for contemporary recommendations I look to her channel. She also has two adorable kittens that make appearances in her videos, and she cohosts the Drunk Liveshow! She also talks a lot about LGBTQ+ books, ARCs, and conventions, so if you are interested in those Chelsea is your girl!

Main genres: Romance, Contemporary, Magical Realism, anything with LGBTQ+ rep
Types of videos: vlogs, wrap ups, hauls, liveshows, recommendations


Another new to me booktuber is Ali from Ali Corvere Books. As you can guess from her channel name, she really enjoyed Nevernight and is a huge fan of anything with fae or fairies! If you like anything to do with Fae (Throne of Glass, The Cruel Prince, etc) you will adore Ali and her videos. She’s also done some drunk videos like book hauls and tags, but she hasn’t done any of those for a while. She is very open about her mental health and drama in the community.

Main genres: YA and NA Fantasy, some Romance
Types of videos: Tags, hauls, recommendations, GRWM, wrap ups


Chandler from Chandler Ainsley is making quite a splash in the booktuber community with her IDGAF attitude. She will tell it how it is no matter what other people think, and it is really refreshing to see! I enjoy that she doesn’t care what others think and gives her own sassy opinion on the goings on of the community. She is another booktuber who reads a genre that I don’t always reach for, but I know that if I want some books with some good smut I know just who to go to!

Main genres: Romance of any kind
Types of videos: vlogs, wrap ups, tags, advice, discussions, recommendations


Jashana from Jashana C is someone that I found through a booktuber that I mentioned in my last booktubers blog post, Elliot Brooks. They are good friends and now are involved in the Worldhoppers channel along with Daniel (whom I mentioned earlier). Jashana reads both adult and YA fantasy, from The Hunger Games to Game of Thrones. She also sometimes reads contemporary, but not very often. I love her personality and she is one of the few that I subscribe to who isn’t afraid to swear in her videos, which for some reason I don’t see a lot of people doing, and I like that she doesn’t shy away from speaking like she would in real life versus in videos.

Main genres: YA and Adult Fantasy, some contemporary
Types of videos: Tags, hauls, challenges, wrap ups, 30 second vlogs,


Riley Marie is another booktuber that tends to read a different genre than I do, but I love hearing her talk about the books and her aesthetic is so pleasing to look at! She reads a lot of romance, and she cohosts Smut-a-thon! She does sometimes read YA fantasy like The Cruel Prince, but mainly reads Romance. There is just something about her personality that makes me keep watching even though I don’t always read the same genres.

Main genres: Romance, some YA fantasy
Types of videos: hauls, vlogs, romance recommendations, TBRs, wrap ups, readathons

There are some of my recent favorite booktubers! Do you watch any booktube videos? Do we follow the same people? I’d love to know!

5 Comments on “Favorite Booktubers Part II

  1. I’ve only recently started watching booktube and love the Bookmarked gang. I’ve been wanting to watch more booktube since discovering it last month so I can’t wait to check these channels out.

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    • I love Hannah, Zoe and Hailey! I tried mentioning some less well known channels here, since a lot of people already know about them lol


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