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Today is a special day! The Write Reads gang is joining together to show our appreciation for Dave, who is the amazing guy who runs The Write Reads! It’s crazy to think of all the work he puts into this group to make everything run so smoothly and give so much attention to us book bloggers. Thank you Dave for all that you do! Here is how The Write Reads group has helped me and changed my blogging for the better.


At this point, my blog is going on 2 years (my 2 year blogiversary will be in September!) but I didn’t really start promoting and cultivating my blog until about a year in. I was always focused more on my bookstagram account, and just posted some really short, kinda bad reviews on my blog. Then I remembered that I created a Twitter account for my blog that was just kind of….well, just sitting there. In the back of my mind I knew that Twitter would be the best way to connect with others, but at the time I just didn’t think it was necessary. How dumb is that?

Then after a few months of being active on twitter, I saw that this account with a TON of followers had started following me. I was so over the moon happy that such a large account was following me and was interested in what I had to say! Little did I know that that account was The Write Reads, and it would change my blogging forever.


I started following them back, and at the time, I had NO IDEA what the group was all about since I was still getting used to using Twitter as a platform for my blog and connecting with other readers. Hello, the internet can be a scary place! You never know who you are talking to!

Then one day, I got a message from Dave asking me if I wanted to join the group and have my posts shared with everyone and I leaped at the chance! Knowing that I was finally going to break out of my measly 100 or so followers and finally reach a wider audience was game changing. The first day that my post was shared through The Write Reads, I was in awe of just how many views I was getting on that post. I couldn’t believe it! I went from 634 views the month before, to just shy of 1,000!


I knew that if I wanted to keep that momentum up, I needed to step up my game. I started experimenting with the layout of not only my posts, but my entire blog. I made categories so it would be easier to search my page, I added widgets on the side to connect with people even further.

And not only has being a part of this group helped me grow personally as a blogger, but it’s helped me reach out to so many people that I never would’ve found on my own! I love that there are so many different types of book bloggers involved, that it isn’t just one genre, or just bigger bloggers, it’s EVERYONE. And everyone is so friendly and supportive and it’s all thanks to Dave.

Now expanding out to Instagram, with a discord for the group set up, and the biggest blog tour ever created (almost 200 bloggers!), being a part of The Write Reads is truly the highlight of my blogging career so far, and will probably always be the highlight.


Thank you so much Dave!



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