Blogtober Day 1 and Spooky Reads

Hello everyone and welcome to #Blogtober day one! The purpose of today’s post is really just to kick off Blogtober, so I’ll be doing that by showing off some books that should be perfect to read in October! If you aren’t aware of what blogtober is, it’s basically an entire month of blog posts, one every day. Like the goal of no-shave November is to not shave, the goal of Blogtober is to blog every day! That’s probably a poor example, but I’m running with it.

Full disclosure, I haven’t read all of these books, but if I haven’t read them then I’m including them if I really want to read them this fall because they sound like they would be perfect!


Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Angels and demons, morally gray characters, and some pretty gruesome magic with bones sounds like the perfect mix for a fall read!
The Diviners– The atmosphere that this book has is just so creepy, I couldn’t read this at night when I was home alone! The song that is sung for Naughty John is next level creepy.
The Wicked Deep– This is another one whose atmosphere is perfect for fall: it’s foggy and eerie, and has tons of witchy vibes!
Stalking Jack the Ripper– Murders, forbidden secret lives, forensic medicine, and plot twists? This book is perfect for fall!
My Plain Jane– Both books in this companion series are perfect for fall, but My Plain Jane is even more so because it’s a ghost story!


Teeth in the Mist – This one follows three women in different times who live in/visit a haunted house where dark rituals take place, and if that doesn’t satisfy your need for creepy books then I don’t know what will.
Here There Are Monsters – This one is described as The Blair Witch Project meets Imaginary Girls, which sounds incredibly spooky. Add in a disappearance and things that go bump in the night, and it’s a perfect fall read!
The Creeping– There is something about disappearances where only one person makes it back that just is super eerie, and then there’s ancient evil, corpses and secrets and this is just…creepy!
Anna Dressed In Blood– Murderous ghosts, ghost hunters, spirit sniffing cats, witches, murders…what isn’t to like?
The Girl From the Well– Dexter meets The Grudge?? I mean, if there were any book that was meant to give me nightmares I feel like it would be this one. Plus it has doll rituals and exorcisms and if that doesn’t scream October I don’t know what does.


The Merciful Crow – Witches, magic involving teeth, and a dark atmosphere means that this book would be a perfect read for fall! Plus, it’s amazing so you should read it anyway.
Gravemaidens– This one hasn’t released yet, but it’s about a healer whose sister is chosen to join the ruler of this world into the afterlife, but our healer sees it as a death sentence not an honor.
The Bone Houses– A girl who takes care of the local graveyard, but in this graveyard the dead don’t stay dead. The corpses are called bone houses, and when a mapmaker arrives they start attacking the village. Anything with corpses that walk again is just extra creepy!
The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter– this is a mash up of a bunch of horror classics told from the perspective of the daughters of the original characters and is a genderbent version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!
They Mostly Come Out at Night– The creatures in this book are so spooky and creepy, and the atmosphere is very dark! It’s got a dark fairytale feeling, which is a little different than the other books on this list but still worth reading for fall!


Serpent & Dove – I just recently finished this one and it was a lot darker than I thought it would be! There’s ritual sacrifice, witches, burnings, and a healthy dose of romance, and definitely fits that fall atmosphere!
The Bone Witch– Yet another witchy read, the atmosphere of this one is also great for this time of year, plus the whole idea of a girl who raised her brother from the dead because she’s a bone witch is spot on for an October read.
Grave Mercy– I’m recommending this one for fall because of the dark and dreary atmosphere reminds me a lot of the rain and bleakness that fall can have. Plus it’s got female assassins, so it’s perfect no matter what.
The Raven Boys– This is another one that I’ve added because of the atmosphere, it’s so magical and fall-like even though it takes place in the south where it’s hot. There’s just something about magic that makes fall the perfect time to read these books!
Sky in the Deep– This one is a little different than the others, but I feel like fall is the perfect time to read this book! For some reason I associate Vikings with fall, so when thinking of books to recommend as fall reads I of course thought of Sky in the Deep!

bbebd483-5d17-474d-80db-7cce02b0695aThose are just a few of the books I would recommend for fall! What books do you recommend for this time of year? I’d love to know!

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  1. Happy Blogtober! Good luck with this month! These are some strong reads, there are a few here on my tbr and tbh reading a spooky month this month sounds like a really good idea damn why didn’t I think of that lmao

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