Blogger Interview with Bookish Tiffany

Another exciting day today! I’m sharing the second interview that I did with another fantastic book blogger! If you missed the first interview with Sohinee from Sohinee Reads & Reviews, I highly suggest checking that one out as well! This time around, I interviewed Tiffany from Bookish Tiffany! Make sure you go through the whole interview to find all Tiffany’s links at the end and show her some love!


Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog!

bookish tiffany finalMy name is Tiffany, I’m 19 years old and am from Missouri. I’m a book blogger at Bookish Tiffany on WordPress where I mostly review books that are young adult fantasy and contemporary but I do have the occasional adult book throw in. I’m also a bookstagrammer and hope to one day add booktuber to the list.

Interviewer note: Good luck with your booktube channel! I’ll definitely check it out!



How long have you been blogging about books, and what made you start?

I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I first created my blog because I found out that ARCs and Netgalley were a thing. Netgalley had a requirement to have a site where you talk and review the book so I decided to start a blog so I could get all those ARCs.


What book are you currently reading, and what are your thoughts so far?

I’m currently rereading The Cruel Prince for my read along of The Folk of The Air series by Holly Black in preparation for the final book The Queen of Nothing. I’m also reading A Court of Thorns and Roses for the first time for my book club Book Hoarders United. I’m loving Sarah J Maas writing style.

Interviewer note: That’s great that you have a book club, and I hope you love ACOTAR!


What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

I’m either reading or procrastinating. I procrastinate by being on Twitter, Instagram or watching YouTube. I’m constantly watching BookTube and Sims videos. I also spend a lot of time playing the sims.


What books do you consider to be must reads?

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, Vampire Academy by Rachelle Mead, Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim, and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.


What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d had when you started blogging that may help new bloggers?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help or tips. Also try to be as active as you can, write posts out in batches so you always have content to post.

Interviewer note: writing in batches is such a life saver!


What has been your best memory since starting your blog?

My best memory is having a publisher link back to my account on their website for a book I reviewed  for them.


How do you manage the time to run your blog, and how often do you post?

I don’t have a job so I have a lot of free time but what I do is I brainstorm ideas for posts before writing them. I come up with a list of all the books I have to review and then come up with the blog posts or blog discussion pieces or tags I wanna do for that week or month. I try my best to upload once a week occasionally I do more just depends on the amount of content I have at the moment.


What is your favorite blog post that you’ve written, and why?

I don’t actually have a favorite post. I like to do tags and hope to create on myself but currently there’s not a favorite post of mine.


You have a beautiful bookstagram account. Do you plan out your photos ahead of time? What are some tips you’ve learned that you want to pass on to others?

I try to plan out some of posts out. I like to post a picture of the book when I have a review of the book going up on my blog, when I receive the book from the publisher and when the book is actually released to the public. I tend to take my pictures in batches when I can to help me have a stock pile of pictures available to edit and post at all times. Bookstagram photo challenges or prompts help a lot if you don’t know what to post or what to take a picture of.  One thing I have learned over the year of being a bookstagram account is that algorithm groups or pods are the key to getting your posts out there. When I’m not in a group I notice that my likes and comments drop from 300 down to 50 and my comments go from like 9 to 1. The biggest help is constantly interacting with people on their posts. It takes a lot of time.

Interviewer note: I just recently discovered the groups on Instagram to beat the algorithm and they’re fantastic! Great tip!


Since we are getting to that ~spooky~ time of year, do you have any ghost stories/costume plans/Halloween traditions to share?

Ghost story time. My grandpa is my neighbor and as a kid I was always at my grandparents house so much that I had my own room upstairs. Now I never really slept up there because I didn’t want to be alone. One day I was up in my room playing with dolls on the floor beside my bed. I couldn’t really see the other room across the hall that was my brother’s room. My grandma was out at work and my grandpa was out feeding cattle down at the barn. I was all alone in the house. I happened to look up from my dolls for some unknown reason and leaned my head around the edge of the bed frame to see into my brothers room. Standing in his room was this woman dressed in a white night gown with long brown hair. I thought it was my imagination and knew that no one was in the house with me. I turned back around looked at my dolls and looked back into the room. Still standing in the room was the woman dressed in white. I was terrified. I ran out of my room down that hallway to the stairs and almost ran through a window at the bottom of the stairs. I ran through the house to the barn out side bare foot on gravel yelling for my grandpa. A few years later I told my dad about the woman I had seen as a kid. Since I seen her I refused to ever go upstairs alone. He was talking about how when he lived there he was coming back inside and see a woman in a white nightgown with long brown hair going up the stairs. He had yelled out to it thinking it was my mother going back to bed and he was confused. My mother answered from the kitchen where she said she was drinking coffee with his parents. There was no one else in the house. This isn’t the only story we have of the house that can’t be explained.


Rapid fire!

  • Paperbacks or hardcovers?
    • Both I like paperbacks since they are easy to hold and cheaper, but I like hardbacks because they are less likely to get tore up.
  • Preordering or rereading?
    • Rereading. I’ve never preordered anything before.
  • Read every word or sometimes skim?
    • Skim
  • Multiple books at a time or one at a time?
    • One book at a time.
  • Absolute silence or background music?
    • Background music.
  • US or UK covers?
    • UK covers most of the time.


Is there anything exciting coming up on your blog that people should look out for?

Be on the look out for a new book tag maybe. I really wanna create one so maybe this will give me the push I need to get it done.


Make sure you go and show Tiffany some love on all her social media accounts, which I’ve linked below! It was a ton of fun interviewing Tiffany, and keep an eye out for other fun posts throughout October!

Youtube: bookishtiffany

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