2019 Full Wrap Up (with stats!)

I’m that kind of person who loves stats, so today I wanted to share a full wrap up of all the books I’ve read in 2019 including book stats AND some blog stats for you, in the event that you are also a person that loves seeing reading statistics!

My average book length for 2019 was 393 pages, which is pretty close to my average in 2018 which was 388 pages.

Reading Stats

It’s funny how all over the place I was with how many books I read each month! Here’s hoping that 2020 will be a little more consistent with the number of books I read in a month.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, by my most read genre for 2019 was FANTASY.

Average Rating: 4.2

I’m not surprised that most of my books for 2019 were 5 stars. I tend to rate my books based off enjoyment and I’m not the kind of person who picks up a book that I don’t think I’ll like.

It’s really interesting how once you start blogging about books, your reading shifts from back list books to new releases. Overall, most of the books I read in 2019 were released within the last 3 0r 4 years. I want to make sure that in 2020 I’m reading not only new releases, but older books as well!

Blog Stats

My most popular blog posts for 2019 were my Phobia Book Tag, a review for The Female of the Species, How I DIY Books, my take on the Flip the Page Book Challenge, and my 2 year anniversary blog post!

2019 Reads

Here are all the books that I read in 2019! If you are interested in reading any reviews for these books, check out my page of reviews here!

What are some of your 2019 reading stats? Do you love stats as much as I do? Let’s chat!

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