WWW Wednesday #4

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WWW Wednesday (in fact, the last time I posted one was back in August!) so I figured it was about time that I do this again! I struggle with getting these posts as accurate as possible, mainly because I write posts ahead of time and schedule them so sometimes I’ll have finished a book that I say I’m currently reading, and so on. But today I’m actually writing this close enough to Wednesday so it will be accurate!

If you haven’t heard of WWW Wednesday, it’s a weekly blog meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


What I’m Currently Reading

ZomboDroid 12022020060726.jpg

Currently I’m about 50% through Heart of Flames by Nikki Pau Preto! I had an e-ARC of this book that I couldn’t finish in time for it’s release, but now that I have a physical copy I’m excited to finish reading this physically! I’m loving this just as much as the first book, but I’m so nervous about what might happen with these characters! I’m also currently reading The Black Prism, but I’m only about 30 pages in and it’s my second priority behind Heart of Flames. All I can say right now is that I’m confused, but intrigued! Thank god that there is a glossary and appendix in the back to explain everything to me.


What I Recently Finished Reading

ZomboDroid 12022020060809.jpg

Recently, I finished Ash Princess which I’m working on my review for but I thought it was a great YA fantasy! I’m excited to continue on to Lady Smoke, and eventually Ember Queen which just came out! I also just finished Rogue Protocol which is the third book in the Murderbot Diaries and it’s been such a fun series of novellas. Finally, I feel like I should mention my recent DNF, which was The Unspoken Name. I had such high expectations for this book but I couldn’t get more than 20% through it. I’ll have a full review going up on Friday, but you can also check out my Goodreads for my review that I’ve posted there!


What I’m Reading Next

ZomboDroid 12022020060742.jpg

I’m hoping that I can get to my ARC of Wicked As You Wish next, as that’s the next ARC I have to read and review before its release date. I’m also hoping that I can start Lord of the Fading Lands because I’ve been seeing quite a few people mention it as a great fantasy romance, and I’m thinking that after all this heavier fantasy something like that might be a good decision!


What books are you currently reading, recently finished, or are reading next? Do we have anything in common?

6 Comments on “WWW Wednesday #4

  1. I’m planning on listening to Heart of flames soon! I absolutely loved book one!
    Enjoy your reading!
    I’m currently reading Lock every door and I’m listening to Red, White and Royal Blue! Enjoying both 🙂


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