5 Great Books With….Dragons

Hi everyone! Today I’m starting yet another series of blog posts, but this time I want to do more recommendations for specific things in books. The first thing that came to my mind was dragons, so today I’m going to recommend 5 books with dragons in them! It’s pretty self explanatory, so I won’t try to over explain this. If you have anything that you would want me to take a look at in the next posts for this series, let me know! Click the book cover to be taken to the corresponding Goodreads page.


The Priory of the Orange Tree

Priory of the Orange TreeImmediately the first book that comes to mind when it comes to dragons is The Priory of the Orange Tree! This may look like a crazy undertaking, but even though this book is almost 850 pages long, it really flies by! If you haven’t seen anything about this book, its about a world divided into two – one kingdom that worships dragons and lives in harmony with them, and one kingdom that believes they are evil. There is so much that happens in this book and it’s a standalone, so if you’re looking for something that you can read and be finished with, this is a great book to check out! I do have a full review of this book available on my blog so if you are interested in more in depth thoughts, please check that out! The dragons in this world can speak and live in harmony with the East, and there are even people who are chosen by the dragons to be their riders. One character that we follow in this book is one of those lucky enough to become a dragon rider, and plays a major part in the final battle in this book!


The Hobbit

The HobbitI mean, what dragon list would be complete without mentioning Smaug? There are other dragons that exist within Middle Earth, but for the sake of this list, The Hobbit needs to be included for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a classic fantasy and I wanted to throw some diversity into this list. Secondly, out of all the books set in Middle Earth this is definitely the easiest place to start to familiarize yourself with the world, races, languages, and magic! Plus, this one comes with the added bonus of three movies that you can binge after reading. (And them maybe the same thing with the Lord of the Rings books and movies? We all need something to binge while in quarantine!) Smaug is your typical dragon – loves gold and will guard it with his life and is incredibly hard to kill. In The Hobbit, a group of dwarves are on a mission to reclaim their home from the dragon Smaug, who they believe has left the mountain kingdom but is definitely still there.


A Game of Thrones

A Game of ThronesAgain, I don’t know what kind of list this would be if I didn’t include A Song of Ice and Fire, starting with book one A Game of Thrones. Or if you prefer, you can binge the TV show, but I still highly recommend the books. They deviate quite a bit from the TV show and includes so many other story lines and characters, and this is really a world you can get lost in. I’m talking internet rabbit holes of theories and lore, and will definitely keep you occupied for quite a while.  Only one story line has dragons in this world, but there’s enough going on with everyone else that you won’t be disappointed. Danerys Targaryen has three dragons, and all she wants is to reclaim the throne that was taken from her family. We are still waiting for the 6th and 7th books in this series which will hopefully be coming out soon, but I still recommend picking this series up and checking it out.


Dragon Rider

Dragon RiderA little change of pace! This time I’m recommending Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. This book lays on the younger side of young adult (I would even consider this middle grade), about a brownie and a dragon who hear about a magical place where dragons can life in peace and go off to find it. They then meet an orphan boy and take him on their journey. I’ll admit that it’s been a long time since I read this book, and little did I know that it’s the start of a series! This is great for the younger generation to get into books with dragons, or for those of us who are a little older to relive what it felt like to read a book about dragons for the first time. This is a heartfelt, magical, and fun book that will just make you so happy and who doesn’t need that in their life right now? Also, I found out that Brendan Fraser narrates the audiobook, so if you don’t listen to this on audio I’ll be a little upset.


The Fire Within

The Fire WithinThis is another book on the younger side of young adult, but is still a fun read involving dragons! In this book, we follow a writer who rents a room from Elizabeth and her young daughter Lucy, who make clay dragons for a living. But these aren’t just regular clay dragons, they’re magical and come alive. Imagine living with tiny dragons all over the place, and that’s pretty much this book. Each of these dragons has a fire within them that needs to stay lit for the dragon to stay alive. If you do decide to pick this book up, keep in mind that it does come off very young but is such a sweet story! This is a series of seven books and this particular book works on laying out the foundations for the rest of the series, so while book one doesn’t focus as much on the dragons themselves (there’s a plot about saving an injured squirrel) it will definitely make you curious about these little clay dragons! So whether your someone who just wants something cute and simple or you’ve got a child in your life looking for a magical read, this would be a great choice with dragons!


What would you like to see me give recommendations on next? I’ll probably revisit dragons in the future, there are so many more dragon books out there to recommend!

19 Comments on “5 Great Books With….Dragons

  1. Dragons are the best!
    I haven’t read the last two, I should check them out!


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  2. What an amazing list!! I love books with dragons, and I’m always happy to see other people excited about them 😀 The Priory of the Orange Tree is probably my favorite dragon book, tbh. And I haven’t read Dragon Rider in YEARS! Maybe I’ll have to revisit that soon…

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  3. Dragons are amazing and we need more books with dragons!
    And I am so glad to see the Priory of the Orange Tree – I loved that book and don’t see much about it anymore.
    Amazing post!
    – Emma 🙂

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