September 2020 TBR

I kept telling myself I was going to go easy on my September TBR so I could start preparing for Blogtober, but then I realized I have 7 ARCs that come out in October, plus 2 for September that I still need to finish and I realized that I don’t think I can go easy on myself! So I guess this means that September will be all about the ARCs.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini – Like quite a lot of people my age who grew up reading, I adored The Inheritance Cycle starting with Eragon! So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Paolini was finally coming out with another book, this time a science fiction about a xenobiologist who encounters alien lifeforms! I was so excited when I got the email notification that I was approved for an ARC on NetGalley, but I’m worried I won’t be able to read this massive 880 page book by it’s release date on September 15th.

Skyhunter by Marie Lu – This one should be relatively easy to finish, seeing as I only have an extended excerpt to review before September 29th. This one is another science fiction (I was clearly in a mood the last time I requested ARCs), this time about an elite force who are trained to stop the Federation from conquering their country with mutant war beasts. I’ve never read anything by Marie Lu before, so I’m really excited to see what  I think of this one!

Eventide by Sarah Goodman – This is one that I was approved for what feels like forever ago, but that doesn’t make me any less excited for it! Eventide is a historical fantasy thriller, which means it touches three different genres that I love to read from. It follows two sisters who are orphaned and sent to rural Arkansas, where things aren’t quite as they seem, and someone will do anything they can to keep these girls from finding the truth. This one is a debut, and I must say it sounds like it could be a perfect read for fall!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab – Yes, I was lucky enough to be approved for one of these much sought after ARCs! I’ve loved everything that Schwab has written that I’ve read so far, and I’m really excited to see how she handles something that crosses the line between fantasy and historical fiction. I’ve been holding off on this one since I wanted to read it closer to it’s release date, and now that it’s getting closer it’s time for me to read this story about a girl who makes a bargain with the devil and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets while living an immortal life.

The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass by Adan Jerreat Poole – This one sounds like a fantastic queer witchy ghost story. A girl who was made by witches to hunt down ghosts is the ultimate assassin, but she starts to question everything and will go to great lengths to get answers and earn her freedom. Every time I read the synopsis of this one I wonder why more people aren’t hyping this one up!

The Raven Lady by Sharon Lynn Fisher – I didn’t realize when I requested this that its the second book in The Faery Rehistory series, so I’m hoping that it can be read as a standalone! Its set in Ireland and has Irish fairies, Icelandic shadow elves, and a revenge plot line! I’m not sure what exactly this is retelling in Irelands history, since I’m not super familiar with it, but it still sounds intriguing!

A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe – I’m so grateful to the publisher for reaching out and asking if I would like to review this book, because it sounds so interesting! It’s centered around the Philosopher’s Stone, and I’ve only read a handful of books that have made use of that particular relic. This one follows two alchemists who are close to creating the Philosopher’s Stone, but find out that there’s a curse on the stone that causes anyone who uses it go mad.

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow – This is another one that the publisher offered an e-ARC copy to me to review, and I’m so excited! I haven’t yet read The Ten Thousand Doors of January (and I still plan to) but this one sounds like it’ll be perfect for fall. Set in 1983, this follows three sisters who join the suffragists of New Salem and start to delve into witchcraft. The final sentence of the synopsis just really hooked me: “There’s no such things as witches. But there will be”.

Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt – I’ve seen a few people talk about this book and how excited they are, and it sounds like this one will be really interesting! The synopsis is pretty vague, but it clearly has Norse mythology which is something that I’m really interested in, and I love books that have elements of Norse mythology! I don’t know too much more than that, but I’m happy to have an ARC and can’t wait to see what it’s all about!

What books do you plan on reading in September? I’d love to compare!

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  1. Ooh exciting that you already get to read Addie La Rue!
    I hope you have a great reading month!


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