Halloween Vibes Music Playlist

Hi everyone! Today I’m yet again doing something a little different! Apparently, this year Blogtober for me is all about branching out into other types of blog posts because this time I’m talking about music! I adore music, and something you probably don’t know about me is that I was in chorus throughout my entire time at school, then I was involved with theater when I was in college! Music is something that I’ve always loved, and so that gave me the idea to create a playlist of a bunch of songs that give me spooky vibes for Halloween!

For this playlist, I wanted to include some songs that aren’t necessarily Halloween songs, but have either titles you can associate with the holiday, lyrics that are creepy, or just downright sound spooky! This is my first time ever writing about music, so please bare with me and my descriptions, because I’m by no means an expert when it comes to music.

This playlist has a variety of songs, including some instrumentals, some pop punk (my favorite!), hip-hop/rap, classic rock, and yes, even some of your classic Halloween music. However, you won’t hear some classics like The Monster Mash or The Addams Family Theme Song here! While those are all fantastic songs, I didn’t want this playlist to be bogged down by the same songs you hear every year.

I wanted to branch out a bit and make sure this playlist was great for everyone. However, if you’re planning on playing this where there are younger children present, I ask that you review the song choices before hand because some of them may not be appropriate for kids!

The playlist has 45 songs and comes in at 2 hours and 39 minutes, which I (personally) think is a good length for a playlist so that you don’t have to restart the playlist too often!

I really hope you enjoy this playlist, a lot of time and effort went into creating this! I know I’ve been playing this pretty frequently so far this month. If this goes well, maybe I’ll also do something similar for Christmas!

Happy hauntings!

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