The Cozy Fall Book Tag

Hi everyone! I saw this tag while I was watching Regan from PeruseProject, and I loved the questions and thought it would be perfect for Blogtober! This tag was created by Lucy from The Book Belle over on YouTube, so go show her some love!

What book always reminds you of fall/autumn?

Right off the bat a question that I find hard to answer! Outside of the obvious of associating mystery/thrillers and horror books with fall, I also think fall is the perfect time to read epic fantasy with quests as the main focus, so I’m going to say The Hobbit! I can’t really say for sure why I’ve always thought that, but it does!

What is your favorite autumn book cover?

Ohhhh this one is actually tough because there are so many book covers I love that remind me of fall, but I think I’m going to have to say Cemetery Boys, because not only does it give me fall vibes, but it also takes place during Día de Muertos and that comes through with the cover so much! It’s also the book I’m currently reading so it’s in the forefront of my mind.

What is your favorite autumnal drink to read with?

My two favorite drinks in the fall though are apple cider and hot chocolate, so definitely either of those is would be my favorites to drink in the fall while I read!

Do you prefer to read late at night or early in the morning?

Technically I don’t like either. In the mornings I’m too groggy to read, plus I start work early so I wouldn’t have the time, and then I don’t like to stay up really late. I usually get most of my reading done in the afternoon/early evening! Sometimes I stay up later if I’m reading a really good book though.

Halloween is coming! What is your favorite spooky read?

Hmmm…it’s not really marketed as a spooky read, but I thought House of Salt and Sorrows was a great spooky fantasy book! I wasn’t expecting it to have so many spooky moments, but the whole book is just kind of filled with this eerie-ness. Add in the dreary coastal setting and the way the mists just seem to hide secrets, and you’ve got a really spooky book!

What is the ultimate comfort read for you?

I would have to say Throne of Glass, it’s the series that I’ve reread the most (which at this point isn’t saying much because I don’t get a chance to reread often anymore). Its the book series that I started right before I learned about the book community, and I reviewed Tower of Dawn as one of the first few books on my blog, so the whole series just means a lot to me in terms of my memories while reading it. Plus it makes me really emotional while reading it!

What is your favorite autumnal reading snack?

I’m going straight for the Halloween candy for this prompt, and I’m saying candy corn! I think I may be in the minority when I say that I LOVE candy corn so much! Most of the people I know think it tastes bad, but I just love how sweet it is. And it’s such an easy snack while you’re reading because it’s not messy and can also be fun to eat! Who hasn’t given themselves fangs with candy corn at least once?

What is your favorite autumnal candle to burn while reading?

Hands down Pumpkin Apple scented candles (doesn’t matter where they’re from) , or the Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works. They’re the perfect fall scent and always makes me feel so relaxed and cozy!

When you’re not reading, what is your favorite autumn activity?

I love going camping in the fall! It’s nice and cool in the evenings for fires, and being surrounded by fall foliage where you can go for nice walks and take photos is great. Honestly, fall just relaxes me and I just want to lay out in the leaves forever.

What is on your autumn/fall reading list?

So many books! If it wasn’t a question of time, I would definitely say all the mystery/thrillers that I own, but as for a specific list, my October TBR has a bunch of books that I want to read this fall!

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