5 Podcasts for the Spooky Season

Hi everyone! Today is yet another post that’s a little different than my usual book related content. This time, I’m talking about some of my favorite podcasts that will fit in perfectly with SPOOKY SEASON. Not all of these are scary, although two of them can definitely make you sleep with the lights on.

The first podcast I want to talk about is my favorite podcast ever: My Favorite Murder. Originally I found out about this podcast in January 2020 because I read Karen and Georgia’s memoir, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered and loved it so much that I wanted to know more about them, and try out the podcast that they mentioned! This is a true crime/comedy podcast, and despite the topic, is one of the more lighthearted podcasts on this list. They have one new podcast a week, and both Karen and Georgia choose a murder to discuss. If you’re a true crime fan I think you would really love this podcast. They mix humor with true crime which is something that I didn’t know I needed until I started listening to this podcast! They are currently up to episode 244, so there is PLENTY of content to binge (which I do constantly). You can stream My Favorite Murder on any of the major podcast streaming platforms, or you can stream it directly from their website.

The next podcast that I think would be perfect to listen to during the spooky season is yet another true crime/comedy podcast. Wine and Crime is similar to My Favorite Murder in the sense that they both mix humor with true crime, but the three women who run Wine and Crime add a little something extra to the podcast – alcohol. Each episode starts off with them discussing what they’re drinking for that episode, and it’s honestly very funny. I’m still new to listening to this podcast, but Amanda, Lucy and Kenyon mesh so well together and the way they talk about true crime is so conversational, you feel like you’re in the room with them! I primarily listen to them on Spotify, but again you can find them on any of the major podcast streaming sites, as well as their website.

Next up is a podcast that’s actually pretty famous – Lore. It’s been made into both a TV show and has a few books expanding on the podcast as well. Lore takes a look at the dark parts of our history by retelling historical tales in a campfire story style podcast. Episodes come out bi-weekly and like the others on this list, can be found everywhere including the website. Instead of talking about true crime like the first two podcasts on this list, this podcast is full of mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places. Often the episodes focus on the origin for some of our biggest folk tales – the first episode is about the first ‘zombie’ and how the idea of a zombie first came about.

Next up is another true crime podcast called Someone Knows Something. (Can you tell I have a favorite genre of podcasts?) This one is a little more serious than the other two true crime podcasts, and actually takes a look at a specific crime over the course of a full season, whereas the others on this list discuss different crimes in each episode. This one is also unique in that it interviews eyewitnesses and family members, and attempts to solve the cases instead of just discussing them. The host of this podcast has a record of solving cold cases, so this is definitely an intriguing series to listen to if you like to follow along and try to solve the case with them. Someone Knows Something can be found yet again on the majority of podcast services, including the website.

The final podcast on this list is one that I definitely can’t listen to at night which should be clear from the name alone: The No Sleep Podcast. This podcast is a horror podcast that showcases original horror stories and has tons of music and sounds to really make these tales spine-tingling. This podcast is definitely not for the faint of heart, I don’t scare very easily and I had to pause quite a few times! I once tried listening to this at night, and couldn’t fall asleep for hours. This podcast is also unique in that it started as a reddit forum (r/nosleep) that was turned into a podcast, which honestly makes the stories even more creepier and scarier! Like all the others, you can find this podcast almost anywhere as well as the website.

Do you listen to podcasts? Recommend me some, I’m always looking for new ones!

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  1. I want to start but when it comes to listening to stuff I would rather listen to songs or audiobooks
    I’ve been looking for some social media podcast to listen too, I’ve always been interested in digital marketing but there are so many that I don’t know which on to start with

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