2020 Reading Goals – Check In

Hi everyone! I love this time of year, not only for the snow, but also because I love looking back at the year and seeing what I did (and didn’t) accomplish. I especially like looking back at the reading goals that I made for the year, because I don’t check in on them halfway through so I don’t even remember what most of them were, other than one or two of them! It would be nice to say that I’m subconsciously completing the goals that I’ve set for myself, so let’s check what my 2020 goals were!

Goal #1: Read more self published books

I noticed as I looked through my 2020 goals that I didn’t set an actual goal NUMBER of self published books I would like to read, so I don’t really know if can say that I completed this goal, since reading more is kind of subjective. I also said that I wanted to read more off my Self Published Fantasy list, but out of the 7 self published books that I read this year, none of them were on that list. However, I did end up reading one more self published book than I did the year before, so I guess I completed this goal.

Goal #2: Goodreads Challenge: Read 50 books

What’s funny about this one is I said I wanted to read 50 books, but then immediately set my Goodreads goal to 60 books. at the moment I’m sitting at 66 books, so I’ve not only completed the original goal of 50, but also the goal of 60! I imagine I can probably hit 70 books by the end of the year, but I don’t think I’ll change my goal. My reasoning still stands though for not wanting to set my goal higher – big books take longer to read and I don’t want to pressure myself to read shorter books to hit my goal!

Goal #3: Buy fewer books

I mean, if I take this to mean spend less money on books, then I 100% did that! However, I don’t think I bought fewer books. This was my first full year with my kindle, so I was able to get books much cheaper there through sales and daily deals than I ever got before! $1 for a book through a sale is better than $5 for a used copy.

Goal #4: Read my 20 for 2020 list

God, these goals are so boring so far! As we know from my reaction to my 20 for 2020 list, I did NOT do a good job with reading this list….

Goal #5: Commit to a reading journal

Hmmm… I think I’m going to say that I completed this one, albeit in a way that I wasn’t anticipating. I did track everything to do with my reading, only it was on a spreadsheet instead of in a journal. I just don’t know if bullet journaling is for me, I tend to give up on it pretty quickly because I don’t like having to do it every day to update it!

Goal #6: Read more books outside my comfort zone

When I made this goal, I was thinking about wanting to expand on what genres I read, since I’ve been primarily reading fantasy since I started my blog. I’m kind of waffling on if I even think this was a good goal or not, at least the way that I had intended it to be used when I created it. I don’t think that I necessarily needed to read more outside fantasy, because at this point I feel like I’m more known for reading fantasy which isn’t a bad thing! So just because I don’t feel like this was a good goal, I’m going to say I failed it.

So I guess I have a 50% completion rate on my goals from 2020, so not too bad! Keep an eye out for my 2021 reading goals, which should be coming soon!

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