2021 Reading Goals

Hi everyone! I recently took a look back at my 2020 reading goals, so that means it’s time to create my 2021 reading goals! What I noticed when checking in with my previous goals is that I need to be more specific on some of my goals, because saying “read more of this genre” doesn’t really help me much with reaching those goals and then determining if I’ve completed them.

Goal #1: Read Diversely

What I mean by this is I want to make sure that at least 50% (although I would prefer to get closer to 75%) or what I read comes from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors. This one may be a little difficult to track, but only because sometimes authors don’t disclose if they identify in these ways. I also don’t like assuming based on name and author photo, but sometimes it’s also difficult to find any information online. So I think the way I’ll be tracking this is a ‘yes/no/unsure’ category in my reading spreadsheet.

Goal #2: Read my 20 for 2021 list and reach my Goodreads goal

I’m combining these two goals into one, because they’re standard goals and I don’t feel like they necessarily have to be separate goals. I think this year I’ll set my Goodreads goal at 65 again, for the same reasons as before: there’s less pressure to read more books, which means I’ll have time to read longer books that I’ve been wanting to get to! I also want to make sure that the 20 books that I want to read in 2021 end up in the 65 books that I hope to read.

Goal #3: Clean up my bookshelves with an unhaul

This may seem like a silly goal, but every time I unhaul books, they never actually leave my apartment. They just end up stored in boxes and I tell myself that I’ll donate them at some point, but I never get around to doing it. And then because of that, there are some books on my shelves that I would like to unhaul, but I have no where else to put them currently! So cleaning up my shelves and actually unhauling some and donating them is something that I want to make sure that I do in 2021.

Goal #4: Read an average of 50 pages a day

Obviously I know that I won’t be able to read 50 actual pages every day, because there are days where I’m too busy to read or just don’t feel like reading. So I would like to read an average of 50 pages a day, so if I spend a day reading 200 pages of a book, that’s 4 days worth for this goal. This will be the first year I have an average page count goal, so I have no idea if this will work for me or not. I do want to start tracking pages read each day, so maybe I’ll be able to complete this goal!

Goal #5: Interact more with other bloggers

I’ve been a part of this community since 2017, but I still don’t feel like I’ve made any friends or feel like I’ve found ~my place~ in the community. So I want to interact more with other bloggers on twitter and on their blogs! I’m terrible at keeping up with other people’s blog posts and what people are reading/doing, so I want to make more of an effort to be an active participant in the community and support all the wonderful people that I follow, and will follow in the future!

What are your reading goals? Feel free to link to them in the comments, I would love to see your goals to help give me ideas for 2022!

27 Comments on “2021 Reading Goals

      • Well, Katie was talking about not making her goal of books to read too high, so she can read longer books, instead of feeling pressured to meet her goals, or something like that. I thought that kind of thing would be as much an issue for “pages,” since some books have big pages with many words and others have small pages with fewer words, so maybe that might cause strange selections of smaller books, too? Just how it sounds to me πŸ™‚

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      • Yeah, I guess that could be an issue but I honestly wasn’t thinking of it that way! Especially since I’m going for an average of 50 pages a day, and I’m already reading at least 1,000 pages a month already so I don’t think it will be an issue for me to complete.

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  1. These are some great goals. I totally understand your struggle to unhaul books but never getting rid of them. I piled up books I intended to get rid of for three years before I finally had enough and put the boxes outside with a free sign on them. So many people came and got the books and a lot of them even went to the local schools who greatly appreciated them since their budgets had been cut. My main reading goals for 2021 is to read as many of my books as possible (vague but it works) and to limit the number of new books I buy.

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    • Thank you! It’s definitely a struggle to unhaul things, especially because my local library was less than enthusiastic when I dropped some off previously so now I need to take them to the next town over. I tried setting a goal of buying fewer books, but it didn’t really work – I ended up buying less physical books, but more ebooks!


  2. Brilliant goals! As a new blogger I hope to learn a lot from the wonderful people I have already found and followed. I want to share your goal of being an active participant and support everyone in the community with the same goals! Good luck for 2021!

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