February 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! I was debating if I should still make a TBR for February since we’re already a full week into the month, but to be consistent with all my blog posts, I decided that I would still go ahead and create and post my TBR. Fingers crossed that I can finish at least some of these in February!

Soulkeeper by David Dalglish – This is the second time this book will show up on a TBR list for me, but I SWEAR this time I’m going to finish it! The third book is coming out soon (or it’s already out, I’ve been so out of the loop lately) and I just really want to finish this one. I received a finished copy from the publisher (THANK YOU ORBIT!) and I then I also bought an e-book copy when it was on sale, so I really have no excuse for not having it finished by now. I’m just over 50% through it at this point, so it should be easy to finish in February.

Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke – This one has also shown up before on a monthly TBR, and I’ve had this ARC for quite a while because this was one of the book releases from 2020 that was pushed back to 2021. I want to make sure that I finish it before it’s release date in March! This is a standalone fantasy with tons of magic, and the little that I read before the release date was pushed back was really interesting.

Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft – This is one of the March ARCs that I have to read so I’m hoping that I can get it read before it’s release date! It sounds like it’s going to be a fantasy romance horror, which is something that I don’t think I’ve read about before so I’m really excited for this one.

The Councillor by E.J. Beaton – The short summary at the beginning of the synopsis for this book sums it up really well, “This Machiavellian fantasy follows a scholar’s quest to choose the next ruler of her kingdom amidst lies, conspiracy, and assassination.” This sounds really interesting and I’m excited to read it!

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn – At this point, everyone has watched Bridgerton on Netflix! I’ve watched the first season twice already, and I wanted to read the source material as I know that there are some things that are quite different in the books than the show. I’ve been in a kind of reading slump lately and romance seems to be the only thing I can finish because they’re usually quick reads, so I’m hoping this will help pull me out of my slump.

Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M Danforth – This is one that I bought because of Bookstagram, and then it was on sale on kindle so everything kind of aligned perfectly for this book! The whole mystery and horror aspect of this really intrigues me, along with the past and present way this looks like it will be told just really intrigues me.

What books do you want to read in February? I’d love to chat!

8 Comments on “February 2021 TBR

  1. Hope these are a great reading experience. Interested in what you will think of The Duke & I. Hmm I´m taking it slow this month but I want to finish Cemetery Boys and Spoiler Alert and then I might just go with a graphic novel, like Bloom. A nice slow reading month 😀

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  2. Oh! Some amazing looking books on your tbr this month. I hope you can get to at least most of them and that you enjoy them!

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