November 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! This is my second post this week, so maybe my dry spell for my blogging is finally broken? Let’s not jinx it though! Today I wanted to share the books that I would really love to get to in November. I haven’t been reading as many books this year as I usually do, but I’ve definitely been reading longer books so I guess it’s an even exchange! I’ve got six books that I want to get to this month!

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart – I read and loved The Bone Shard Daughter when it released last year, and I was incredibly happy when I was approved for an e-ARC for the next book in the series! I’m definitely behind on my ARCs again this year, but if I can get this one read before the release date I’ll be very happy about it. This is a really interesting fantasy world where there is bone shard magic that is used to create and control constructs, which are essentially different parts of animals that are stitched together and reanimated. There’s also a lot of political maneuvering, and an adorable animal companion who can talk. I’m excited to see where the story goes and how the world expands!

Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin – Okay, this may be cheating a little bit, but right before I started reading books for the spooky season I had started this pirate romance book and was REALLY enjoying it, but I wanted to get into the spooky spirit so I stopped reading it. I got 30% into this one and I’m loving the tension between the characters, and the main character Bennett is such a badass pirate!

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan – This is another one that I started and got 28% into before I stopped for the same reason as above, but again, I was really enjoying what I read so far. This is an e-ARC copy that I’m reading, with this book releasing in January. I do also have a preorder (and to be quite honest, if this is as good as I’m anticipating there’s a good chance I’ll get both the US and UK covers because they’re both STUNNING). This is inspired by the legend of Chang’e who is the Chinese moon goddess, and so far the reviews have all been really positive.

The Keeper of the Night by Kylie Lee Baker – I had this one on preorder and it released in early October, so I definitely want to read it sooner rather than later. It’s about a girl who is half British Reaper and half Japanese Shinigami. She collects souls, and has to deal with her two heritages colliding and the different abilities those give her. She ends up traveling to Japan to serve the Goddess of Death and has to kill some demons to prove herself. I’m surprised that more people aren’t talking about this book, and I’m very excited to see what I think about it!

Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao – This book appeared on my radar quite recently, and then I felt like I was seeing it EVERYWHERE. I got a copy of it in my second ever Illumicrate and the edition is so beautiful, and I’ve heard so many good things about it that I’m really drawn to it right now. It’s a sci-fi about these girls who are paired up with a boy to pilot a giant transforming robot, but the girls often die from mental strain until one girl offers herself up to assassinate the male pilot who was responsible for her sister’s death.

She Who Rides the Storm by Caitlin Sangster – A high stakes heist in the tomb of an ancient shapeshifter king?? That alone made me want to pick up this book and read it, so I bought a copy to read as soon as I could! I’m not sure what to expect going into it, but reviews so far have been positive even though I feel like I haven’t heard too many people talking about it since it released in late September.

Have you read any of these? Which one do you think I should read first? I’d love to chat about them!

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