2022 Reading Goals

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my 2022 reading goals! I did pretty good with my 2021 reading goals, having finished 3 out of 5 goals but I would really like to get all 5 goals completed this year! What are some of your reading goals this year?

Goal #1: Complete at least 5 series

I love reading series, but I’ve been starting more series than I’ve been finishing lately. Almost by default, being a book blogger and reviewer means that you tend to read and review mostly new releases, which includes starting new series. I want to change that a little bit and try to finish at least 5 series that I’ve either started already, or want to start! This means I probably won’t be finishing any 14 book series, but maybe a few trilogies and a few duologies as well.

Goal #2: Read at least 20 books off either my 2022 releases OR 2022 backlist books to read lists

I’ve tried to make this goal work for me almost every year, but I always say I want to read the full list (which with me is nearly impossible). This year, I decided to combine the two lists of books that I want to read and say that I want to read a total of 20 books off either list! Hopefully this combined with the fact that most of my 2022 releases are books I have ARCs for will make it an easier goal for me to complete. I blame my mood reading for why I’ve never been able to complete this one.

Goal #3: Read at least one 500+ page book a month

I love reading long books, and I noticed in 2021 I was reading more of them than usual. So, I want to read at least one book a month that’s over 500 pages, or an average of 12 for the year (if I end up reading more than one in a month). I’m thinking this one won’t be too difficult to accomplish!

Goal #4: Read at least 65 books OR 24,000 pages

I did a split goal in 2021 for books or pages read and I really liked doing it that way, because even if I don’t reach the book goal I can still reach the page goal, especially if I’m reading more 500+ page books like in goal #3! I did increase the page goal this year, so hopefully it’s still something I can get done!

Goal #5: Reduce my physical TBR

I have a really bad habit of buying more books than I can read, especially physical books. They do say that reading books and buying books are two different hobbies, and I definitely think that’s true! However, I would definitely like to start reducing my physical TBR this year. In 2021 I read a ton of e-books, and while that’s great, it doesn’t help me with reading and passing on physical books. I have a bunch of books that I would like to donate but I want to read first, so this should help with that goal!

What are your goals for 2021? Do we have any in common? I’d love to chat!

18 Comments on “2022 Reading Goals

  1. These looks like good goals and yes those series keep on growing haha. I´m going to challenge myself to read 20 books from my shelf before buying a new one. Gosh this is going to be a challenge! 😛

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  2. Buying more books than you can read? I have the opposite problem. I am limited in how many books I can buy…. Of course, by taking timely advantage of giveaways, I have learned that I can compensate for this a bit. And I suspect this will lead to … NOT FINISHING NEARLY AS MANY SERIES AS I START!

    Though some of the giveaway books will, surely, capture my attention enough to me to buy the sequels, and I intend to review everything I can tolerate!

    I don’t really do goals, but good luck on all of these!

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