February 2022 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! It’s kind of really late in the month to be finally doing my February wrap up, but I’m finally getting around to writing it. I feel like I’ve just been in such a rut with my blog and every time I talk about a book I sound like a broken record! I’ve been much more active over on my instagram, so if you don’t follow me there you definitely should!

The Pain Gap: How Sexism and Racism in Healthcare Kill Women by Anushay Hossain
In January I started reading non-fiction again, and I REALLY kept that up in February, starting with The Pain Gap! This wasn’t really what I was expecting it to be. It focused more on pregnancy and birth than just general medical issues and how women are mistreated. I was hoping this would go more into how women are so often misdiagnosed, but even though it didn’t it was still worth the read. I’m not fully sure who the target audience is meant to be, it wasn’t really providing any suggestions, and more seemed to focus on a lot of bills that are being lobbied for in congress.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte
This was both an informative and fun read! I loved the way this was written and the narrator for the audiobook was great. This entire book honestly appealed to me with my biology background, and I always love a good discussion on evolution! It totally makes sense to me how this book was a Goodreads award winner a few years ago, and while none of this information was necessarily new to me, it was still fun to read and I definitely enjoyed how it mixed in the personal anecdotes from the author!

The Resting Place by Camilla Sten
This was the one ARC that I read in February, and it was fun, but not really anything special. I felt like I had deja vu the entire time I was reading it because I definitely feel like I’ve read this exact story before. I thought that the addition of Eleanor having prospagnosia was interesting, but it also meant that it made everything more convenient when it came to the unknown killer. The pacing was also very slow, and while I normally enjoy split timeline stories, this one just felt really bland. I’m definitely interested in her other book which everyone says is fantastic, so I may give that one a try!

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If You Tell by Gregg Olsen
This was yet another audiobook that I listened to in February! It’s a true story about this woman who abused and tortured her children and got away with it for such a long time, until she murdered two people and eventually was discovered. It’s incredibly twisted, and definitely is not for everyone. I still can’t believe that she got away with it for so long, her daughters were definitely failed by the justice system and those around them.

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell
Since I’ve been getting more into non-fiction, this was one that had caught my eye! I listened to this one on audiobook as well, but I ended up also getting an e-book version so I can reread it and bookmark parts that stood out to me. It’s such an interesting book, and looks not only at actual cults, but cult-like behavior such as how people nowadays can be so invested in a brand or a celebrity, to the point where they will literally fight people about it. Such a fascinating topic that I definitely want to learn more about!

Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano
I recently started following Katie Colson on YouTube, and I’ve now read and really enjoyed two books because of her! The first was No Exit, which I read back in January, and this is the second one. I just loved how Finlay just went along for the ride because she figured she could talk her way out of it! It’s definitely one of those books that makes you go ‘surely nothing ELSE can happen, right?’ Then it does and you’re both frustrated that the characters can’t catch a break. But it’s also hilarious, and Finlay and Vero are such great characters together! I can’t wait to learn more about them and see what happens in the next book, which I’ll hopefully be reading soon!

Have you read any of these books before? I’d love to chat below!

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  1. Wow I couldn’t make it through “if you tell”, but so glad that you did. I can’t handle the system failings like that. Just breaks my heart…

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