2022 Reading Goals Check In

Hi everyone! 2022 was a great reading year for me, I read so many books and a good majority of them were fantastic! Now the only question is, did I meet any of my reading goals? Today I’m going back through the goals that I set in January and seeing how I did!

Goal #1: Complete at least 5 series

In 2022 I really wanted to get back to finishing more series, because being a book blogger and reviewer means that I mostly focus on new releases which means I start a lot of new series, but don’t often finish them. In my reading goals post, I mentioned this goal could also include duologies, so how many series did I finish in 2022?
I finished The Bellinger Sisters duology, The Illuminae Files, The WIlderwood duology, The Celestial Kingdom Duology, and the Elements of Cadence duology. That’s exactly 5 series! I also am all caught up with the Veronica Speedwell series, but it’s still an ongoing series so I’m not counting it for this goal.

Goal #2: Read at least 20 books off either my 2022 releases OR 2022 backlist books to read lists

Every year I like to make two lists of books – a list of upcoming releases that I desperately want to read, and a list of backlist books that I want to finally get to that year. From those two lists, I read a total of 14 books, so I didn’t quite hit my goal. But I have a better idea of how to choose what books go on this list for 2023!

Goal #3: Read at least one 500+ page book a month

In my initial goal that I set, I mentioned that it would either be one a month OR just a total of 12 books over 500 pages would also count to mark this goal complete. According to my StoryGraph stats, I had 9 books that were over 500 pages, so just shy of my goal. However, looking at my spreadsheet that I keep I had 4 books that were just barely under 500 pages, so if I count those then I read 13 books for this goal! Since I feel like being kind to myself today, we’ll say that I met this goal.

Goal #4: Read at least 65 books OR 24,000 pages

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I hit this goal way back in October and I’ve now read 100 books for 2022, and there is always the possibility that I can finish one more book before the end of the year! And for pages read? Well, I’m currently sitting at 37,287 pages read in 2022.

Goal #5: Reduce my physical TBR

This is a fairly difficult goal to say that I completed it or not, but I know that I unhauled quite a few books this year and I’ve been selling them on Pangobooks for some extra money. Based off my spreadsheet tracker, 24 of my read books this year were physical books. And while I’ve definitely bought books this year, it’s nowhere near as many as I have in the past, partly because the cost of books has gotten so ridiculous lately. So I think I did an okay job at completing this goal, knowing that I read some physical books and unhauled quite a few (at least 100 books sold this year). So let’s just say I completed this one as well!

How did you do with your 2022 reading goals? Have you set your 2023 reading goals yet?

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