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Seven Devils: REVIEW

Hi everyone! I think I can say that I failed Blogtober, since I’ve missed quite a few days and I don’t want to push myself to create subpar blog posts just to make sure I have 31 posts. I have a few reviews that… Continue Reading “Seven Devils: REVIEW”

November 2020 Book Releases

Hi everyone! It’s almost the end of October, so that means it’s time to take a look at some of the amazing books that are coming out in November 2020. Usually the last few months of the year are pretty sparse when it comes… Continue Reading “November 2020 Book Releases”

5 Podcasts for the Spooky Season

Hi everyone! Today is yet another post that’s a little different than my usual book related content. This time, I’m talking about some of my favorite podcasts that will fit in perfectly with SPOOKY SEASON. Not all of these are scary, although two of… Continue Reading “5 Podcasts for the Spooky Season”

Spooktacular Photos: IG Shout outs

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing something that I’ve never done before on my blog – Instagram shout outs! I love the bookstagram (Book Instagram) community, and everyone is always so nice! I always love seeing all the different styles of photography that people have,… Continue Reading “Spooktacular Photos: IG Shout outs”

Changing Your Book Ratings: Discussion

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing another discussion post, this time I’m talking about changing your ratings after you’ve read and rated the book. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, mostly because of how I rate books after I’ve finished… Continue Reading “Changing Your Book Ratings: Discussion”

5 Books With…Monster Hunters

Hi everyone! You may (or may not) notice that I slightly changed the name of this series here on my blog. Previously, I was calling it 5 GREAT books with…but since some of the books on these lists I haven’t actually read for myself,… Continue Reading “5 Books With…Monster Hunters”

Review: From Blood and Ash

Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve written a review for a book that wasn’t an ARC, so I decided that today is the day that I’m going to sit down and actually write some reviews. It’s been a while… Continue Reading “Review: From Blood and Ash”

The Cozy Fall Book Tag

Hi everyone! I saw this tag while I was watching Regan from PeruseProject, and I loved the questions and thought it would be perfect for Blogtober! This tag was created by Lucy from The Book Belle over on YouTube, so go show her some… Continue Reading “The Cozy Fall Book Tag”

Blog Tour: A Golden Fury

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to be bringing to you today my stop on the blog tour for A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe! This is my first blog tour that has ever happened during #blogtober, which is kind of exciting. I hope you… Continue Reading “Blog Tour: A Golden Fury”

All of My Unread ARCs

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to make a list of all the ARCs that I have for a few reasons, firstly to hold myself accountable to them so that I can finish them, and also so that you can all tell me which ones… Continue Reading “All of My Unread ARCs”