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What Moves the Dead Review

Hi everyone! My next review is for yet another ARC, this time for What Moves the Dead – a horror novella by T. Kingfisher! I know there are a TON of fans of this author, and this is my first time reading anything from… Continue Reading “What Moves the Dead Review”

Oleander Review

Hi everyone! I’ve got a string of ARC reviews coming up because I managed to finish a group of upcoming releases and need to get the reviews out before they release! The first of the group is Oleander, which is a YA paranormal fantasy… Continue Reading “Oleander Review”

The Stardust Thief Review

Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve sat down to write a book review. This time I’m reviewing The Stardust Thief, which is an adult fantasy retelling of One Thousand and One Nights. I personally don’t have much experience with the… Continue Reading “The Stardust Thief Review”

The Bladed Faith – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my review for The Bladed Faith, which comes out today! I highly recommend this one, and you should go out and get your copy now! Honestly, I love almost everything that I read that’s published by Orbit, and this… Continue Reading “The Bladed Faith – Review”

Wild & Wicked Things – Review

Lately a TON of the books that I’ve been reading have been published by Orbit, which is one of my favorite publishers! They’ve been putting out so many great books lately, and I’m thinking that the next full review I write will be yet… Continue Reading “Wild & Wicked Things – Review”

The City of Dusk – Review

Hi everyone! I’ve got yet another review to share today! I’ve been spending the majority of my free time playing Elden Ring instead of reading or working on blog posts, so I don’t have many other posts set up yet. I did however, manage… Continue Reading “The City of Dusk – Review”

The Resting Place – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my review for the ARC of The Resting Place, a mystery/thriller by Swedish author Camilla Sten! I enjoyed this book, although there were a few things that I didn’t like. If you think this book sounds interesting, it releases… Continue Reading “The Resting Place – Review”

Dead Silence – Review

Hi everyone! January was such a great reading month for me, and I ended it with a bang with this great sci-fi horror novel! This book made me crave more books that are sci-fi/horror, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in… Continue Reading “Dead Silence – Review”

The Justice of Kings – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing another ARC review, this time for The Justice of Kings! So many people are waiting for this book to finally release, and I’m so happy that I got a chance to read it early!

Castles in Their Bones – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my review for Castles in Their Bones, a YA Fantasy by Laura Sebastian! I’ve read a few books before from this author that I’ve liked, and the premise of this one sounded so interesting I just knew I… Continue Reading “Castles in Their Bones – Review”