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Dead Silence – Review

Hi everyone! January was such a great reading month for me, and I ended it with a bang with this great sci-fi horror novel! This book made me crave more books that are sci-fi/horror, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in… Continue Reading “Dead Silence – Review”

The Justice of Kings – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing another ARC review, this time for The Justice of Kings! So many people are waiting for this book to finally release, and I’m so happy that I got a chance to read it early!

Castles in Their Bones – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my review for Castles in Their Bones, a YA Fantasy by Laura Sebastian! I’ve read a few books before from this author that I’ve liked, and the premise of this one sounded so interesting I just knew I… Continue Reading “Castles in Their Bones – Review”

Daughter of the Moon Goddess Review

Hi everyone! Taking a break from all the end of year/beginning of year content to bring you my review for Daughter of the Moon Goddess, which is a debut novel by Sue Lynn Tan coming out on January 11th, and I highly suggest adding… Continue Reading “Daughter of the Moon Goddess Review”

The North Wind – Review

Hi everyone! It’s time for what will most likely be my last review of 2021! The North Wind is an adult fantasy romance that had a lot of similar tropes to books like A Court of Thorns and Roses, From Blood and Ash, and… Continue Reading “The North Wind – Review”

A Flicker in the Dark – Review

Hi everyone! I’m back again today with another ARC review, this time for the highly anticipated thriller A Flicker in the Dark! This book has already been getting a ton of hype, and it’s also already been optioned for a limited series.

Where the Drowned Girls Go – Review

Hi everyone! I’m really on a roll now with my January ARCs (I always start the year off strong with making sure I keep up with my ARCs and then it always peters out towards the end of the year), so today I’m sharing… Continue Reading “Where the Drowned Girls Go – Review”

The Midnight Girls – Review

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my review of The Midnight Girls, which is a Sapphic enemies to lovers villain story! This releases on December 28th, and I highly recommend picking up a copy

The Bone Shard Emperor – Review

Hi everyone! Today is the release date for The Bone Shard Emperor, which is the second book in The Drowning Empire series so I’m sharing my review! Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you’re planning on picking up the book today!

Review: The Grimrose Girls

Hi everyone! Since I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with my blogging, that means it’s time to start posting reviews again! This time around I’m reviewing an ARC for The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl, which is being compared to The… Continue Reading “Review: The Grimrose Girls”