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May 2021 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Today is my May wrap up! I feel like I did okay with my May reading, but I’m still way behind where I was last year with my reading. I’ve been struggling with reading and blogging, and in fact, all of my… Continue Reading “May 2021 Wrap Up”

June 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! I never know what to talk about in these intros, do people like personal life stuff, just introducing the post, or does no one even read them? 😂 I feel like they get really repetitive if I’m just introducing the post because… Continue Reading “June 2021 TBR”

May 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time again to talk about the books that I want to read next month! As you may know by now, I’m a mood reader but I still make a monthly TBR, mainly so… Continue Reading “May 2021 TBR”

February and March 2021 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Today’s wrap up is actually for two months – February and March. I only read two books in February so it didn’t seem like it was enough to include in a wrap up by themselves, so I’ve added them to the beginning… Continue Reading “February and March 2021 Wrap Up”

March 2021 Book Haul

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my March book haul! As always, I get most of my books either used or on sale. This month does have a few new releases, two of which I received in OwlCrate boxes. The majority of these books I… Continue Reading “March 2021 Book Haul”

April 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my April TBR, otherwise known as the TBR that I’m just making up as I write this post! I have nothing that I need to get done for April, so I’ll probably start on my May ARCs! I’m getting… Continue Reading “April 2021 TBR”

February Book Haul

Hi everyone! It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a book haul, and I figured that I should start 2021 off fresh with doing book hauls again! Before we get into the books that I got in February, I want to point… Continue Reading “February Book Haul”

March 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing the books that I’m hoping to read in March! I haven’t been very good this year about sticking to my TBR, but I also haven’t been very good at reading in general so we’ll see how this goes. I… Continue Reading “March 2021 TBR”

January 2021 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! If you’ve been to my blog or any of my other social media the past few weeks, you’ll know that I was doing some renovations to my apartment and had hardly any spare time to read. I’m happy to report that the… Continue Reading “January 2021 Wrap Up”

February 2021 TBR

Hi everyone! I was debating if I should still make a TBR for February since we’re already a full week into the month, but to be consistent with all my blog posts, I decided that I would still go ahead and create and post… Continue Reading “February 2021 TBR”