Melting Pages


Welcome back to another anticipated releases post! September is literally PACKED with interesting new releases, and of course I don’t cover them all here because if I did, it would probably take me all of September just to write the blog post! These are just a few that I think sound interesting. There are 19 books this month that I wanted to share, which is crazy compared to my August releases which… Read More

I’ve slowly moved away from the books that I am 100% buying to showing off all the books that I’m excited for for the month, whether I will buy them right away or not. I absolutely love looking at new releases and seeing what everyone is excited for, so if any of these books are ones you are excited for as well let me know! As always, I’ll have links to each… Read More

I decided that I want to change my most anticipated releases list that I do every three months a little bit. Instead of every three months, I want to start doing it monthly because I’m always hearing about new releases I’m excited for after I make the post and that means great books aren’t making my list! I also want to open it up more to ANY book that month that is… Read More