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Books I Didn’t Finish in 2019

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, so the chances that I will be able to finish all the books I started this year is pretty low. I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I’m horrible when it comes to finishing the books that… Continue Reading “Books I Didn’t Finish in 2019”

August 2019 Wrap Up

August was a little bit of a slower reading month for me, but I was also focusing a lot more on my blog and bookstagram, so it makes sense that I didn’t get as much reading done. I ended up taking the first week… Continue Reading “August 2019 Wrap Up”

May 2019 Wrap Up

After the fantastic reading month I had in April, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up that momentum for May. I ended up finishing four books in May, which is below average for me but still good because I at least… Continue Reading “May 2019 Wrap Up”

April 2019 Wrap Up

Oh. My. God. April has been my best reading month in a VERY long time! I’ve read 10 books in the month of April, and audiobooks were really the main reason why I got so much reading done! I read 5 adult and 5… Continue Reading “April 2019 Wrap Up”

January 2019 Wrap Up

January was the month of graphic novels for me! I ended up reading 7 books, 3 of which were graphic novels. I had four 5 stars, two 4 stars, and one 3 star read, so overall it was a really great reading month! I’ll… Continue Reading “January 2019 Wrap Up”