Melting Pages


Hi everyone! I was debating if I should still make a TBR for February since we’re already a full week into the month, but to be consistent with all my blog posts, I decided that I would still go ahead and create and post my TBR. Fingers crossed that I can finish at least some of these in February!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my first 2021 monthly TBR! If you haven’t seen any of my previous TBRs, let me explain something. I’m 100% a mood reader, so for me a TBR is more of a wish list kind of TBR. I put around 6 books on my monthly TBR that at the moment I feel like I will want to read in the coming month, however I don’t hold myself… Read More

Hi everyone! I did this post for 2020 and then reacted to it and I didn’t do so well. I figured that I need to do an updated list of books I want to read in 2021, and this time I’m going to choose them a little bit differently than last year! I honestly haven’t even really given much thought to this until I sat down to write this post, so hopefully… Read More