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July 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing some July releases that sound exciting! These are some of my favorite (and honestly, only) posts that I do, so I hope that you find some new books you haven’t heard of yet that you’re interested in!

June 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing the books that are coming out in June 2022 that I’m excited for or think sound interesting! There are a TON of books on this list, and they all sound fantastic! I love coming back to this list and… Continue Reading “June 2022 Releases”

May 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing the releases that I’m excited for in May! As always, I’m a little bit late since I wanted to get this out before May, but better late than never! There are a lot of great books coming out this… Continue Reading “May 2022 Releases”

April 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from my Elden Ring obsession to tell you about some April 2022 releases that sound interesting to me! Lately I’ve been thinking about my blog and where it’s going from here, and sometimes I feel like I should… Continue Reading “April 2022 Releases”

March 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! There are a TON of March releases that just sound so incredibly interesting. Because this post is going to be so long, I’m going to keep this intro short and just get straight into the books!

The Justice of Kings – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing another ARC review, this time for The Justice of Kings! So many people are waiting for this book to finally release, and I’m so happy that I got a chance to read it early!

February 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing some books that I’ve come across that release in February that I think sound or look interesting! Some of these I have as e-ARCs, some I 100% plan on buying, and some just sound incredibly interesting and I think… Continue Reading “February 2022 Releases”

January 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! I know I recently did my 2022 anticipated releases list, but for the sake of consistency I’m sill going to do my monthly releases list for January (since there are books on this list that weren’t on my 2022 anticipated releases list).… Continue Reading “January 2022 Releases”

Most Anticipated 2022 Releases

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the year for all the exciting wrap ups and best of the year posts, but it’s also time to start looking forward to 2022! I’ll be kicking these posts off with my most anticipated 2022 releases, which are… Continue Reading “Most Anticipated 2022 Releases”