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What Moves the Dead Review

Hi everyone! My next review is for yet another ARC, this time for What Moves the Dead – a horror novella by T. Kingfisher! I know there are a TON of fans of this author, and this is my first time reading anything from… Continue Reading “What Moves the Dead Review”

Oleander Review

Hi everyone! I’ve got a string of ARC reviews coming up because I managed to finish a group of upcoming releases and need to get the reviews out before they release! The first of the group is Oleander, which is a YA paranormal fantasy… Continue Reading “Oleander Review”

Castles in Their Bones – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my review for Castles in Their Bones, a YA Fantasy by Laura Sebastian! I’ve read a few books before from this author that I’ve liked, and the premise of this one sounded so interesting I just knew I… Continue Reading “Castles in Their Bones – Review”