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Today I finally got my act together enough to share the interview that I did with Kait from Kaitlyn’s Cozy Reading Corner! You may know her from twitter as @sixcrowsbooks and she’s so graciously allowed me to ask her a few questions about her blog! Make sure you check out all her social medias and give her a shout out! Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog! Hi, everyone! My… Read More

I finally finished There Will Come A Darkness! I started reading this when it first came out and the only reason it took me so long to finish it is because I just haven’t wanted to read anything lately. Now that I’ve finished it though I have to say that I really enjoyed this!

Another exciting day today! I’m sharing the second interview that I did with another fantastic book blogger! If you missed the first interview with Sohinee from Sohinee Reads & Reviews, I highly suggest checking that one out as well! This time around, I interviewed Tiffany from Bookish Tiffany! Make sure you go through the whole interview to find all Tiffany’s links at the end and show her some love!

I didn’t have a blogtober post yesterday because I felt really sick, woops! So far, my blogtober posts haven’t really been aimed at the spooky season with the exception of Day 1and Day 3, so today I decided it’s time to get spooky! I did the 2.0 version of this tag last year, but this year the creator of the tag has added an extension to the tag so I figured I… Read More

I’ve had this blog for two years now, and I’m actually amazed that I’ve never talked about the things I love and the things I don’t like in books! I finally decided it was time to sit down and write out posts for both of those, and my post yesterday was all about the things that I love in books so it’s time to get to the things that I don’t like… Read More

Today is a very special day here on Melting Pages, for day 5 of #blogtober I’m interviewing a fellow book blogger! This is my first ever interview that I’ve done, and I’m so honored that Sohinee from Sohinee Reads & Reviews has agreed to be interviewed for my blog! I love reading her blog posts and I love supporting other book bloggers, and what’s really cool is Sohinee is one of India’s top… Read More

For todays Blogtober post, I’m talking about all the books that I read in September. I definitely went for quality over quantity this month, as I only finished four books but of those four, three were five star and one was a four star! Not my best reading month for quantity though, but as I’ve hit my Goodreads goal already I’m taking it easy.

For day three of #blogtober, I’m sharing all the things that I would love to do at some point in my life during the spooky season! Some of these are pretty tame and I’m surprised that I’ve never been able to do them before, but some of these are pretty intense! I’m lucky (or unlucky, however you look at it) to live in Pennsylvania which has a lot of history itself since… Read More

Welcome to #blogtober day two! A little while ago I shared all the books that I’ve DIYed, whether that’s the edges that I painted or the covers that I designed, and a lot of people were asking how I did it! So I’ve finally gotten around to painted the edges of another book and figured I would document the process to show you all what I do!

Hello everyone and welcome to #Blogtober day one! The purpose of today’s post is really just to kick off Blogtober, so I’ll be doing that by showing off some books that should be perfect to read in October! If you aren’t aware of what blogtober is, it’s basically an entire month of blog posts, one every day. Like the goal of no-shave November is to not shave, the goal of Blogtober is… Read More