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Hi everyone! I saw this tag while I was watching Regan from PeruseProject, and I loved the questions and thought it would be perfect for Blogtober! This tag was created by Lucy from The Book Belle over on YouTube, so go show her some love!

Hi everyone! We’re taking it easy on today’s #blogtober2020 post. Since it’s been a while since the last tag I did (Animal Crossing New Horizons Book Tag), I decided that it’s time that I do another tag! I found this one through a quick google search for Halloween book tags, and it looks like it’s a fairly old one at this point but I’m still going to do it! At this point,… Read More

Hi everyone! I was browsing twitter like you do when you’re avoiding all kinds of responsibilities when I came across this tag for Animal Crossing! I’m completely addicted to playing New Horizons, although I feel like my island isn’t nearly as nice as some that I’ve seen online. I used to play Animal Crossing City Folk wayyyyy back when, so I was really excited when New Horizons was announced. Anyway, this tag… Read More

Thank you so much to Holly from The Writing Finch for tagging me to do this tag! This was created by Princess of Paperback on YouTube, and is meant to lift our spirits and give us something fun to do while we are all at home!

Since I’m low on time to do any in depth blog posts, it was really great timing to be tagged to do the Would You Rather tag! Thank you so much Hannah (Hannah’s Bookshelf) for tagging me in this fun tag! If you aren’t following her already, I highly suggest that you do!

I say this tag over on Pretty Purple Polka Dots and thought it would be a fun one to do to mix it up a little! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag, my last one was actually my mid-year book freak out tag back in June! So I figured it was high time to do another tag, and with all the followers I’ve gained recently this seemed like a… Read More

It’s hard to believe that we are finally in June which means we are halfway through the year already! The older I get the faster the year seems to go.That means it’s time for the mid-year book freak out tag! I did this tag last year and it was fun to see what books I chose for the questions so I decided to do it again this year!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag and I found this one and I realized that I don’t talk about myself outside of books and book blogging, so this looked like a fantastic way for you all to get to know me better!

Hey everyone! I haven’t done any tags in a while, and since I have a few posts that are taking a while for me to finish I decided it’s the perfect time for another tag! This one was created by TheBookJazz and I saw it over at Dreamland Book Blog. Basically what this tag is is just answering questions about your reading habits!

25! That’s right everyone, I’m officially 25 today! Car insurance gets cheaper, I start to feel panicky that I’m not being a good enough adult, and so on and so forth. But all that aside, I found this book tag through the wonders of Google, and decided that it would be a great tag to do for my birthday!