Melting Pages


Hi everyone! Today’s wrap up is actually for two months – February and March. I only read two books in February so it didn’t seem like it was enough to include in a wrap up by themselves, so I’ve added them to the beginning of this wrap up. How many times can I say wrap up in one intro? Clearly a lot. Anyway, in addition to the two books in February, I… Read More

I thought that February wasn’t going to be as good of a reading month as January, but I’m still ahead of schedule for my reading goal of 60 books! I’ve read 8 books in February for a total of 3,053 pages. Three books were published in 2018, one book from 2007, one from 2019, one from 2015, and two from 2020 (one of which was an ARC!). Seven of the eight books… Read More

Not only was February the shortest month of the year, it’s also the month that I read the fewest books! That being said, I did still enjoy all the books I read so overall it was a good reading month.