Melting Pages


Hi everyone! If you’ve been to my blog or any of my other social media the past few weeks, you’ll know that I was doing some renovations to my apartment and had hardly any spare time to read. I’m happy to report that the work we were doing is pretty much finished now, so I’ll be able to have more time for reading and blogging again!

So I was going to wrap up the TV shows and movies that I’ve watched this month too since there’s been a lot, but with 9 books this month to wrap up I didn’t want to make this wrap up any longer than it already will be. If you would be interested in seeing me wrap up what I’ve watched recently let me know and I can certainly either add it to… Read More

January was the month of graphic novels for me! I ended up reading 7 books, 3 of which were graphic novels. I had four 5 stars, two 4 stars, and one 3 star read, so overall it was a really great reading month! I’ll start with my lowest star read and work my way up to my favorite of the month!