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March 2022 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my wrap up for March, which as far as number of books goes, has been my best reading month so far! I’m very happy to say that I finished 8 books and I can’t remember the last time I… Continue Reading “March 2022 Wrap Up”

February and March 2021 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Today’s wrap up is actually for two months – February and March. I only read two books in February so it didn’t seem like it was enough to include in a wrap up by themselves, so I’ve added them to the beginning… Continue Reading “February and March 2021 Wrap Up”

March Wrap Up

You would think that with everything going on in the world lately that I would be getting so much reading done, right? Well, you’re wrong! For some reason, I’m struggling so badly with wanting to do anything book related and have been spending most… Continue Reading “March Wrap Up”