Melting Pages


Yes, it’s March and I’m still talking about 2020 reading goals. My reading in 2020 so far has been going great (in fact, I’m 8 books ahead of my reading goal so far) so what better way to use my reading momentum than to catch up on some series that I’ve been neglecting? I only want to keep this to a handful of series, because if I talked about all the series… Read More

I recently rearranged my bookshelves, and while I was moving stacks of books around my apartment, I started thinking about how many books I own that I haven’t read yet and it got me thinking – what authors do I most want to read from that I haven’t yet? So that’s what I’m bringing to you today! Here are 10 authors whose books I haven’t read yet but I really want to!

I wanted to wait until we were closer to the end of the year before I wrote up this post because I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything! I’m glad that I waited because there were definitely some books towards the end of the year that I loved reading that made it onto the list! I listed these in order of 10 through 1, but until the top 5 they… Read More

Okay, as book lovers we all know the feeling: you see a book in a store or online and the synopsis hooks you and you just have to have that book in your hands! As a blogger, there is a pressure to not only read the newest books, but to also grab books that you think are interesting to review them…eventually. So what are some of the books that I just NEEDED (not… Read More

The other day I posted my top 10 of 2018, which of course means that I now have to talk about my 10 worst books of 2018! These posts are my favorites to read, so if you have done some yourself, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out! For this post, there isn’t any real order to the books with the exception of the first two, which… Read More

Alright, I’m finally getting around to doing my best and worst of the year posts! These are honestly my favorite posts to read and it’s my first year actually being able to do them myself!

Welcome to one of my first ever real Top 10 Tuesday posts! I’ve been wanting to really do one of these correctly (I’ve done them before on other days of the week, or I’ve done them out of order) so this week I’m doing the actual prompt for this week! If you aren’t familiar with T10T, it’s a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. You can check out her page… Read More

Fall is my favorite time of year which is why I decided to participate in Blogtober and today I wanted to share the book covers that I own that remind me the most of fall! I’ve mentioned a lot of books in the last few days, so check out those posts for more covers and books that are spooky and feel like fall (links at the end of the post)! This particular… Read More

So this is actually a Top 10 Tuesday post from last week, but I’m a terrible blogger and didn’t get my post up in time. I couldn’t really think of anything that I wanted to talk about for this weeks prompt (authors I’d love to meet) mainly because it would be awesome to meet any authors, so instead I’ll be doing last weeks topic this week. If you don’t know what Top 10 Tuesday… Read More

Childhood favorites. They aren’t always something we talk about, or even think about very often, but they are always there in the back of your mind and usually shape who you are as a reader. When I was a child, I didn’t read a ton of fantasy like I do now, I actually read more (much more) contemporary! So today I wanted to give some love and attention to the books that… Read More