The Queen’s Rising – Fantastic Fantasy!

The Queen's RisingThe Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

So I had read an excerpt from this book before it came out and I was very interested in it, so when it released I bought it.

When I started reading the physical copy, at first I was a little meh about it, but then it really picked up around the 30% mark, and by the end I was blown away! I finished this book in one sitting. (Which is now two books in two days, I’m on a roll!)

I liked the characters and how the girls were more of a family and raised each other up instead of being catty and petty. This was carried throughout the book and was really refreshing to have such strong female friendships.

The world building was done really well, and you can see the influences from real world countries like France and Scotland. There were plenty of descriptions to give you an idea of what everything looked like. Normally, I feel like when a book is really descriptive you kinda lose a bit of what is going on and it takes away from the story instead of adding to it, but that was not the case with this! It really brought you into the story and made you feel, hear, smell and see things the way Brienna did.

The reveals of who all the characters were was really well done, and the reveal of Lord Morgane killed me, I honestly didn’t see it coming and I was totally there for it! I loved Brienna’s relationship with her adopted father and brother, they really did feel like a family right off the bat.

Also, the romance I felt was very well done, it was not a central part to the story and wasn’t one of those romances where their personalities disappear because of their significant other. They didn’t even kiss until the last few pages, and the whole time I kept screaming internally for them to kiss already!

I don’t want to go too much into the parts that I liked, because that could spoil the whole book, and this is one that I think you should go into without knowing too much.

I do have one reccomendation, and that is to not look at the included genealogy because it does have some spoilers in it when it comes to the identity of some of the characters.

Overall, it was a really great read and I enjoyed it immensely, the ending was wrapped up so neatly that I don’t think there will be a sequel, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

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